Eric Holder Not Welcome in Oklahoma City

Eric HolderEric Holder may want some extra security on his visit to Oklahoma City on Thursday. The US Attorney General is scheduled to speak at a ceremony commemorating the swearing-in of 42 new recruits to the city’s police force. However, according to US Representative James Lankford, Eric Holder should not feel welcome in Oklahoma City. Not coincidentally, Lankford (R) serves on the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. The same committee that is investigating Holder.

Lankford and a group of right-leaning activists and politicians intend on protesting the AG’s presence at the ceremony. The conservative representative cites Holder’s obfuscation tactics and blame dodging as the inspiration for the plan to disrupt what should be a solemn and celebratory day for OKC’s newest members of their police force. It is unclear just how many protesters will attend. The event is being called Rally for America and will be on a street corner outside the church where the graduation ceremony will be held. An announcement reminded the protesters to “Bring Signs.”

Earlier this week, a bill was introduced by House Republicans that, if passed, would revoke Eric Holder’ pay. Representative Blake Farenthold, the Republican from Texas responsible for the Contempt Act, asserts that Holder was found in contempt of court by Congress in 2012. This stemming from documents that Holder refused to turn over regarding Fast and Furious, a gun-running sting operation that went terribly wrong.

The bill’s language states that any official who is found in contempt of court would be susceptible to a suspension of their pay. Alongside Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, a former IRS official, would also be affected. However, the bill has little chance of passing the Senate, now controlled by the Democrats.

The Republicans do seem to have it out for the Attorney General. He has been called a lying racist and his now famous “cautious optimism” regarding the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has not helped his position with the GOP. Not being welcome in Oklahoma City this week is surely no surprise to Eric Holder.

Particularly after the way he seemed to threaten Texas House Representative Louie Gohmert earlier this month. This is another case of the AG’s refusal to turn over documents, this time regarding the terror funding trial of the Holy Land Foundation. Gohmert made some aside hinting at Holder’s previous contempt charge. Holder replied with, “You don’t want to go there, buddy!” a brief heated exchange ensued. No, Republicans are certainly not buddies with the current US Attorney General.

Regardless of how conservatives my feel about Holder, those who plan on protesting his address on Thursday afternoon are not hurting the Attorney General. They are hurting those cadets who worked so hard to get to that ceremony. Remember, someone had to invite the man to speak, so clearly he is welcome at that church, at that momentous occasion for 42 individuals, their families and loved ones. As it may turn out, Eric Holder is simply not welcome in Oklahoma City by a handful of conservative politicians and their friends.

by Stacy Lamy





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