Facebook Losing Its Young Empire


For over four years Facebook has been the top social media hub, but the mega-site may be losing its young empire of users to other, newer social media networks. Twitter has been seeing a lot of attention. Every product, company, television show, or even abstract idea pretty much has a twitter account. Twitter has less functions than the Zuckerberg empire, but it is an easy to use social network that limits characters. Instagram is another new social network that allows users to share photos through a news feed designed like the one from Facebook.

Facebook is seeing a fall because many young students do not like that their parents are using the site. One reporter stated that the students she interviewed said that Facebook was a site for old people. This is because many teen’s parents and adult role models are on the site, causing them to not want to be there for privacy reasons. These students stray away to sites that parents, and adults, are less likely to travel to. Like many other social networking sites before it, Facebook will eventually see its demise. Other apps and websites will be able to better cater to the large audience that uses the site.

A recent study found that many teens and young adults are starting to see Facebook as being a social burden, and do not want to spend the energy to update and post on the site. This is a huge change from previous reports where young adults and teens said that the site was new and exciting. Now young people admit to being annoyed by the long personal posts, and photos that share more information than is really necessary.

This pull away from Facebook is also making kids more security aware. The Pew Internet & American Life Project conducted a study that found that over half of the young people on Facebook have been using their accounts less and less. They spend as little time as they can on the site, and are often deleting and editing old posts, as well as reviewing and updating their security features.

Many teens are also turning to a blogging site called Tumblr. Many young Facebook users are stepping away from the empire because they think Facebook is losing its creative steam. Tumblr site caters to the users self-expression, instead of treating every mundane detail of the user’s life; as if that comment about Miley Cyrus belongs in a national time capsule. Instead users upload personal stories, photos they are interested in, videos, news, or anything they desire. It acts as a web-collage. One thing that all of these sites have in common is the user is not using their full name always. The level of anonymity is much higher in these sites, although they are more susceptible to meeting strangers.

Although Facebook may be seeing a drop in user satisfaction, many people still leave their accounts open. Until another site like it comes around, this site will be the main social network where a user knows they will find almost everyone they know in real life in one place. This is why many young people still keep their profiles open, but private, and use the functions of other social networking sites. Facebook may be losing it’s young active users, but it’s empire may still be intact.

By Joshua Shane

Medical Daily
Business Insider
Pew Research Center

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