Cody Wilson Creates Controversy Again With Dark Wallet for Bitcoin [Video]

Cody Wilson With Dark Wallet and BitcoinUniversity of Central Arkansas (UCA) alumnus Cody Wilson creates controversy again with his latest rebel aspiration Dark Wallet. Prior to being named a premiere anarchist in the digital arena by international media Wilson was a prominent student government figure. In 2010 he graduated with honors from UCA with an English degree. While Wilson was on campus he was a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member and the executive president of Student Government Association.

In 2013 this 26-year-old anarchist made headlines with the Liberator, which is a 3D gun he designed. The Liberator is made mostly of plastic materials but created a controversy within the government. Wilson’s 3D gun project designs were originally posted online but at the request of the State Department were later removed. Before removal, however, the blueprints were downloaded in excess of 100,000 times.

The 3D gun, which was named the FP-45 Liberator pistol, is a symbol of government resistance. The FP-45 is a pistol that was designed for mass production during World War II. Wilson continues to create controversy as a leading proponent of crypto-anarchism, this time with Bitcoin.

According to Wired magazine, Wilson is one of the most dangerous people in the world. He is broadly anarchist with an anti-state philosophy, but considers himself to simply be of the libertarian mindset. Wilson credits his views on politics to UCA where he said his anarchist views were established and substantiated through research in Torreyson Library.

This Libertarian’s projects are a part of his work at a non-profit organization dedicated to striking the roots of all statist monopolism called Defense Distributed, per the company’s website. This operation is run from Wilson’s apartment located in the same area as the University of Texas (at Austin). Wilson attended the university’s law school but dropped out to pursue free-market projects.

Wilson’s latest project, Dark Wallet, serves as a secret file for the online currency Bitcoin. He has teamed up with developer Amir Taaki on this latest venture. Dark Wallet is expected to launch this year as a service designed to keep digital transactions invisible. This online currency is a mechanism for breaking free from monetary regulation. With Bitcoin’s potential use as an anonymous online currency it has been declared by law enforcement officials and lawmakers as a possible easy target for cybercriminals.

Bitcoin offers no real form of balance insurance and this has sparked reason for the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Senate as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission to watch Bitcoin operations very closely. Many federal agencies and lawmakers have called it a threat and a leading proponent for money laundering. Wilson said, despite these objections anonymous cash flow is necessary online.

About half of all Americans know what Bitcoin is but the majority do not trust it and consider other forms of currency more efficient, according to a survey on

According to Wilson the United States has chosen not to treat online currency as legal money and that is important. He said Defense Distributed is trying to reclaim the tradition of consensus, purist Bitcoin. Wilson said people either do not know what Bitcoin truly is or they have no clue what to think of it as an emerging form of currency.

He went on to say the company Defense Distributed is not trying to win the narrative war specifically and any objections, especially from the federal government, are typically unjustified.

Politically speaking, Wilson said many millennials have made a greater distinction between something that is illegal and something that is wrong, allowing for individuals to decide for themselves what is appropriate.

Cody Wilson has done it again with his latest rebel aspiration called Dark Wallet. Wilson was a prominent student government figure before international media named him a premiere anarchist in the digital arena. His latest project Dark Wallet is expected to launch this year. It is a wallet for the online currency Bitcoin and is designed to keep digital transactions invisible.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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