Farmville Going Mobile


Farmville is going mobile with a new mobile phone version of the popular Zynga game. This comes a year after Don Mattrick became CEO of Zynga, the company that created Farmville.

The new mobile phone version of Farmville is called Farmville 2: Country Escape. A person will be unable to play this version of the game on Facebook. This version is a mobile application that a person can only play on a mobile phone. Zynga does not think that the experience of playing Farmville on a mobile will be any different from playing it on a browser. On the mobile, the company says that a person will get a bird’s-eye view of the farm where cows are chewing grass, farm people are hard at work and crops are growing their produce.

The Farmville version that is going mobile can be played on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The mobile version is modeled a lot like the computer version of the game. A person can download for free. If a person wants to get bonus items for the mobile version, they will have to pay for them. These items are meant to make the experience of the game go faster.

Farmville does have something different from its other versions. The maker of the company says that this mobile version was meant from the start to be designed for mobile devices. The is the first version of the game that was exclusively made for the phone. Mobile game shares items with the computer version of the game.

This is not the first time that a Farmville has gone mobile. There was a mobile application that was released for the iPhone in 2010. The 2010 version was meant as a way to play the game while people are on the go. Zynga gave up on this iPhone version after two years.

This Farmville mobile application can be played without being attached to the Web. Unlike the Facebook version, computer users will not need to ask their friends to play the game with them.

The general manager of this mobile version, Jamie Davies, believes that the aim of Zynga is to tap into a timeless franchise. The company wants to create hits and they hope to have new hits on the mobile phone.

There was a time when Farmville was a big hit. A person could just go to Facebook and go through their dashboard. The person could see all the gifts that they got from friends. Friends would also send requests for starting a new farm. Some people think that the number of requests and gifts bordered on spamming.

The developers of this new mobile version took seriously the advice from former and current players. The creators believe that they have made a fun game that can better regulate when the player wants to reach out to friends or not. One piece of advice that Zynga definitely followed is that a person does not have to connect to Facebook to use the game. Former and current players don’t want to have to bother their friends to experience this game. When the game boots up on their iPhone, iPad and Google, the player is given to connect to Google+, Facebook on Apple’s Gamecenter.

A new mobile version of Farmville is going to be on the mobile soon. Zynga has to try to please past players of the game to make this version a good experience for them.

By Tom Clark

Wall Street Journal
USA Today

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