Kim Novak Did Not Leave the House for Days Due to Oscar Bullies

Kim NovakKim Novak has recently spoken out about her Oscar bullies, and stated that she did not leave the house for days due to them. People took to Twitter to make jokes and share nasty opinions about the star because of the way she looked when presenting an award in March. One of the comments involved her plastic surgeon and suing him for the work.

The 81-year-old admitted to having fat injections before the Academy Awards. She stated that it seemed “less invasive” when compared to her other option: a face lift. Like many women, she just wanted to look her best for the night. Most people feel like they have more confidence when they look good, and that is definitely important when it comes to presenting an Oscar.

However, Novak was hurt by the number of people who made jokes about her on Twitter. They were not just everyday users either. Some big names took to the social media site to slam the actress, including Donald Trump.

The Vertigo actress is not new to receiving negative comments. She received many for her works in the past, so it does question why this was so bad for her. After being the 2013 Cannes Film Festival guest of honor, she believed it would be different from now on. She said she never expected to receive such negativity from people, and it really hurt. In the end Novak did not leave the house for days due to her Oscar bullies.

Others did take to the social media site to defend the actress, and shortly after the no makeup selfies started doing their rounds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in an attempt to raise money for cancer charities. However, it seems like it was too little too late. The damage was done to Novak’s self-esteem.

At first, she considered hiding from it all. She did not want to admit just how much it hurt. But there are so many other women who go through the same backlash. It is not on the same scale, but it is often personal and hurtful. She wanted to stand up for those women, while hitting out at all those who attacked her for wanting to look good.

She is certainly not the only celebrity to be bullied. Many, like Clay Aiken and Michael Phelps, were bullied before they found fame. Luckily, they could turn that bullying around and it made them stronger and better at their passion. Phelps went onto win eight Olympic gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, so the decision to turn it around definitely paid off. One has to wonder just how those bullies feel now.

It is great to hear a celebrity hit back at all those who caused her pain. While it is not good for her, it is also great for many women to hear that celebrities do have the same insecurities and fears as “normal” people. Novak did not leave the house for days after the Oscar bullies, but is now back and on a mission to stand up for everyone else who has been through something similar.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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