Farrah Abraham Will Release Celebrity Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham

The “Teen Mom” star, Farrah Abraham will release an erotic trilogy, dubbed “Celebrity Sex Tape.” The  22-year-old Abraham already has an extensive career. She participated in reality shows, starred in porn movies, tried herself as a singer and wrote a book of memories. Now, she apparently chose a new challenge in her life. Abraham will write a trilogy of erotic novels, with which she will compete with E. L. James and her Fifty Shades series. But Farrah has already stated that scenes in her novels will be more erotic and more experienced. That is why, according to the writer, her story should be much more convincing than Fifty Shades.

The main protagonist in books will be Fallon Opal, which will be, according to Farrah, much more sensual than pretty innocent Anastasia in Fifty Shades. The first released book from Farrah Abraham’s trilogy will be called “Celebrity Sex Tape: In the making.” All three books are based on Abraham’s true experiences, although some of the stories are more fictional. Farrah said that it is very important to her to have an authentic and very awesome story line but she still wants to stay realistic about sex scenes, true vulnerability and exploring sexuality. Characters in the books are not based off on anyone, since Abraham only wanted them to be compelling and easy to relate to.

Farrah stated that she does not intend to transfer stories from her books to the movie screens because she has read a lot of really good book stories, which were later heavily disfigured and ruined in the movie. “I really enjoy reading. I enjoy imagining how the characters in the story look like. This is actually the charm of books,” said Abraham. Nevertheless, she does not completely rule out the possibility of filming the movie. “If, however, the story from my books ever sees the light of the day, I would choose Jessica Alba for leading actress. She is an exceptional actress, so I would only want her to be a star of the movie,” said Farrah and added that she would choose the other characters through casting.

Abraham has already written a very successful book of memories which talks about premature farewell from her youth due to teenage pregnancy. Now she decided to switch onto writing erotic novels. According to Farrah, she came to this decision purely by coincidence. “I just felt that I wanted to write an erotic trilogy that will describe my real life and erotic videos, in which I acted. But I did not want to describe all the legal procedures through which I had to go; I preferred adding some spicy fictional scenes that will surely attract readers,” said Abraham. In her books, Farrah also tried to remove the misconceptions about the adult entertainment industry. Her main character Fallon is doing a lot of discovery throughout the story and Abraham believes that this will allow people to discover true meaning of the porn industry. Farrah Abraham will be releasing her “Celebrity Sex Tape: In the making” in July 2014.

By Janette Verdnik

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