Filner Former San Diego Mayor Released From House Arrest

FilnerOn Sunday, former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was released from house arrest following a three-month sentence for a felony incurred for assaulting a woman at a fundraiser and two misdemeanor assault charges. Filner, who was the first Democrat elected to the San Diego mayor’s office in 20 years, resigned from office in August amid a myriad sexual harassment charges from 20 women and a strong campaign to recall him.

Filner, who is still serving a three-year probation spent the last three months in his downtown San Diego residence was subject to randomized searches and visitations from his parole officer and was also fined $1,500.

On Dec. 9th, the former mayor of San Diego was sentenced in San Diego Superior Court but according to the San Diego U-T his GPS monitoring system was not in place until a week later.

Lawyers for Filner told the presiding Judge of the case that Filner’s actions were a result of a disruption in his “longstanding” exercise routine and medications that congressional doctors prescribed to him to keep his moods even. the Former mayor reportedly suffered from anxiety issues, that coupled with the stress of a new office that was different that of which he was used to as a member of Congress and the disruptions in his exercise and medication caused Filner to act out.

In a statement that Filner released a statement to NBC San Diego said that while under house arrest for the past three months, he spent time reflecting on the circumstances that got him there. He went on to say that he is taking steps to become a more healthy individual and is working on what he could do to earn forgiveness.

Filner also stated that his is sorry to the people he had hurt and that he is going to focus on his family and private life. He further went on to say that he will not be taking any requests that he has receive to do interviews.

If the former San Diego mayor, whose house arrest ended today at 5pm doesn’t violate his parole, which confines him to San Diego county, he will be eligible for “probation with the court” which allows him to only check in with the court as needed instead of having to be followed up on by a Parole Officer.

Bob Filner, who was elected to Congress to represent California’s 50th district in 1990 after the 1990 census gave California seven more seats in the House of Representatives, and was later redistricted to the 51st district which encompass’ much of Southern San Diego county, excluding Imperial Beach, and all of Imperial County. He occupied the San Diego Mayor’s office from Dec. 3, 2012-Aug. 30, 2013.

Since Filner completed his three-month house arrest, the former mayor of San Diego will be eligable for a reduced parole 18 months after sentencing and will also be able to reduce his felony charges to a  misdemeanor as a result of his plea deal. He is also not allowed to run for office or contact his victims. San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconor will finish Filner’s term as mayor as a result of a special election and runoff.

Opinion by Nathaniel Pownell

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