Firefox Attacked by OkCupid for CEO’s Donation

FirefoxFirefox is being attacked by dating website OkCupid for its CEO’s donation back in 2008. The co-founder of the free web browser donated $1,000 in support of the Proposition 8 ballot in California, which would define marriage as something between a man and a woman. OkCupid supports same-sex marriage, and views the decision to make Brendan Eich the new CEO as a step away from the freedom that the browser has always stood for.

The dating website owners are not the only people upset at the decision to appoint the Javascript language creator as the new CEO. A number of employees have taken to Twitter to express their annoyance and disappointment. They view the decision as a backtrack on the fundamental views of “openness and empowerment.” It has led to many asking Eich to step down from this position.

Those who want to reach OkCupid will now find that they are stopped if using Mozilla Firefox. Instead, they will receive a message that details the stand against the decision and everything users can do instead. According to the website, eight percent of relationships from the platform would not have happened if the ballot went through.

However, there will be some people who simply prefer using the browser. Those users can still access the website after reading the initial message. There is a link at the end. The website owners would like users to opt for a different browser as OkCupid attacks Firefox for its CEO’s donation.

Eich has spoken out about his decision to make the donation, and his view for Mozilla. On March 26, he tried to make it clear that his personal decisions will not affect the company. He is sorry for the pain and sorrow that his decisions have caused, but did not once mention the actual donation that was made or the reason behind it.

So far, three members of the board have quit over the decision to promote Eich from Chief Technology Officer to CEO. There are still possibly more to come, but many hope that he will decide to step down by himself.

The issues started in 2012 when his donation came to light. His support against same-sex marriage caused an outcry, but it died down after a while like many other scandals do. The issue was raised again just recently when he was named as the new CEO, due to Gary Kovacs stepping down in April 2013.

This is not the first time that websites have been used for political needs. In 2012, a number of websites went offline for a day in the “internet blackout” in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Too many experts believed that while the initial intention was good, it would stop the internet’s functionality if the act was to go through.

There is nothing to say how long OkCupid will keep the message up for Mozilla users. It could be just for a few days, but it could also be until something happens within the company. For now, Firefox is being attacked by OkCupid for its CEO’s donations, and other websites may follow.

By Alexandria Ingham


Washington Post


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