‘Lion King’ Stage Cast Break Into Song on Plane [VIDEO]

Lion KingThe cast of the Lion King in Australia gave a whole new meaning to in-flight entertainment by breaking into song on the plane. Other passengers on the Brisbane to Sydney flight were happily surprised when the cast shared their vocal talents with a rendition of Circle of Life, including the tribal sounds.

Unfortunately, not all the passengers seemed happy about their entertainment, at least at first. Instead of smiling and clapping along, many looked tired and annoyed at the interruption to their quiet journey. It took a while to get over the initial confusion for many, but soon many were enjoying their free entertainment, especially when the cast proved that they could sing. There were a few from the back of the plane who journeyed down the aisle just to see what was going on, including a small boy who seemed to have dragged his mom along.

The singers are part of the touring cast, and wanted to share their love for their musical. There may have been an attempt to sell more tickets for their upcoming performances, and what better way to do that then give passengers a free performance.

The sing-song was not planned at all. The cast decided that they would break out the a cappella rendition and started filming it for the world to see. Soon after the plane landed, the video of the Lion King cast breaking out into song was posted online.

The cast certainly look into their singing. Two men at the front are seen singing the African lyrics to each other, while the girls either end sing the Circle of Life song lyrics in perfect harmony. The rest of the cast clap and sing along too, with big smiles as they give themselves something to do on the flight.

Music for the Lion King was written by Tim Rice and Elton John originally for the Disney movie. It was later adapted into a stage show, and has since become a global hit. The Australian tour starts in September in Brisbane, and tickets will be available from the end of this week. 70 million people have already seen the musical around the world, giving people an idea of just how popular it is.

Circle of Life is one of the most well-known tracks from the show, and a favorite for many. Not only does it showcase a wide range of vocals, it is highly uplifting and a great song for anyone to sing along to.

The only thing missing from the video was baby Simba. The young boy who walks down the aisle from the back of the plane could have been picked up by a member of the cast. It was an opportunity missed by the cast members, who did not see him admiring them for their talents.

It was certainly not something the passengers of the Virgin flight were expecting, but not a bad part of the day. Not many people will get to say that they saw the Lion King cast members break into song during their plane journey.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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