Florida Man Still on the Run After Crashing Into Day Care, Killing a Child

FloridaAt 3:11 p.m. yesterday, Robert Corchado crashed his Dodge SUV into another car which was then pushed into a packed day care center in Florida. One child was killed and more than 11 others were injured, but the man responsible fled the scene of the crime and is still on the loose as of this moment.

The silver Durango that Corchado, who is 26 and has been arrested eight times since 2000, was driving at the time of the accident was found a mile and a half down the road but there was no trace of him anywhere. Local crime officials say that they are worried that the man may be looking to leave Florida by getting on an airplane at a local Orlando area airport.

Those who were injured from the crash have sustained injuries that range from being considered mild to severe and some are even pronounced critical. Two of the injured were treated on the scene but local authorities who showed up had to transport 13 people, 12 of them being children to area hospitals.

The fatality was a 4 year old girl according to reports from the Orlando Sentinel. A member of the police department who responded to the scene of the crash said that some of the injuries are “very, very serious.”

Eight of the children were taken for treatment at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. One is still in critical condition, while five others are said to be in serious condition and another patient has already been discharged. The identities of these children, or their age, was not released by police.

A fire department official who responded called this accident a “very intense scene, very severe.” There were more than 50 children in all at the day care when the car crashed into the premises. The car that Corchado used to get away was located by Florida police around 5 p.m. and the residency where it was found was “roped off with yellow crime tape.” Police officers then questioned the inhabitants of the house to see what they knew about Corchado’s whereabouts. The house is located at Walnut Ave. and Orange Ave. in Winter Park, Florida.

Corchado’s history with the police is long for his youth. He has also already served three continuous years in prison for cocaine trafficking charges. He had recently been arrested in December and was currently out on bail. He is being charged with possession of both cocaine and heroin and has also been charged with intent to sell.

The car that Corchado hit was a Toyota Solara and it was removed by a tow truck later in the afternoon. Florida police will continue the man hunt that has already been started for the 26 year old man who crashed into the day car and killed at least one young child, a girl. The day care is reportedly frequented by children as young as six weeks and as old as 12, however, the ages of those injured, but still alive are unknown at this time.

By Nick Manai


NY Daily News