Fort Hood Hysteria: Filmmaker Calls for Mass Killings

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A call went out today to slaughter every American Muslim in the street. Lucky, not only for American Muslims but everyone in the country, the hysterical cry came from only one man, a self-described talent agent turned filmmaker, war correspondent, and Conservative news site contributor named Pat Dollard. He issued his call to arms in a tweet posted around the time information from Fort Hood was coming in:

If there is even one more act of Muslim terrorism, it is time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the street, all of them. @PatDollard 5:35 PM 2 April 2014

The tweet was immediately denounced on Pat’s own twitter feed, most respondents shocked that Pat would intentionally say out loud things people assumed he would keep in his head. Some said Mr. Dollard represents others with similar sentiments. Mr. Dollard’s twitter account has a following of over 35 thousand people, and most probably agree with most of what Pat says. Yet, happily, no one showed to back Pat’s call for genocide.

An hour later Dollard claimed plausible deniability,  protesting his tweet had nothing to do with Fort Hood shootings:

@AndrewKirell Claiming that tweet had anything to do with Fort Hood is a complete lie that you just made up, worst form of journalism. @PatDollard 6:39 PM 2 April 2014

Dollard is right in the sense his first tweet could in no way be considered, in a hypothetical court of law, proof of intention to link his comment to the Fort Hood. Left hanging is the question of why Mr. Dollard felt compelled to hysterically call for the mass-killing of Muslims in the first place.  Perhaps sensing this, he posted another tweet a short time later:

Anybody who takes that tweet seriously enough to respond, looks like the idiot you’d have to be to do so. #Boring  @PatDollard  

Mr. Dollard’s hashtag, #boring,  implies either he had become bored with the idea of encouraging the wholesale slaughter of Muslims in the street, or he couldn’t understand why anybody after two hours still cared about the subject.

Lest anyone think Mr. Dollard is some nobody screaming for ethnic-cleansing on the internet’s version of a downtown street corner, Pat is well known among certain conservative media and political circles. While spending a year in Iraq he shot a pro-war documentary that earned him a profile in Vanity Fair and a reputation as the anti-Michael Moore. In 2008 he hosted an internet-only radio show called The Jihadi Killer Radio Hour that had show names like “By any Means Necessary: The moral imperative to destroy the Leftist revolutionary by any means necessary” and “The Treason and High Crimes of Barrack Hussain Obama: When war is good, it’s the best. And nothing could be better than taking out American communism for good.” His guests included the infamous Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch and the late Breitbart Media creator Andrew Breitbart. Andrew and Pat became friends and the ‘contributing journalist’ part of Dollard’s bio is for Breitbart’s internet publications Big Peace, Big Government and Big Hollywood.

Like many who troll around the edges of the political landscape, Pat Dollard has managed his fair share of notoriety. He is hysterical, but he knows his hysteria both endears and enrages all the right people, those he loves and those he despises. Whether the filmmaker/pundit/roustabout is serious about wishing the mass killing of Muslims if Fort Hood is a terrorist attack is irrelevant, although he probably does. But it is not going to happen no matter how much he wants it. It did manage to piss off a bunch of liberals and that counts for something.

Opinion by Andrew Elfenbein
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