Franco and Rogen Will Perform ‘Bound 2’ Parody at West Kardashian Wedding?

Franco and Rogen West KardashianKanye West and Kim Kardashian, better known as Kimye, will be getting married soon and it appears that the happy couple is still booking the entertainment for their big day. Among the acts that may be featured at the West Kardashian nuptials are James Franco and Seth Rogen; it is rumored that the two funny guys will perform their parody of West’s hit song, Bound 2.

Last fall, Franco and Rogen created a parody of Bound 2 and called it Bound 3. Franco played the part of West while Rogen took on Kardashian. In a hilarious spoof, Franco and Rogen copied the original video scene by scene, acting out everything including the touching and kissing. Franco channeled his inner rapper and threw down while Rogen dug deep to find his inner alluring and sensual diva. To say the parody was funny is an understatement; it was nothing short of hilarious, and it just goes to show how great they both are as actors! Most people would not have been able to keep a straight face, but Franco and Rogen never faltered and pulled it off.

During an interview on the April 22 episode of The View, Barbara Walters mentioned the parody and asked Franco if he and Rogen had received any feedback or response from West and Kardashian. Franco told her that Kardashian loved the Bound 2 parody. In fact, after seeing the video, she tweeted on both her and West’s account saying Franco and Rogen had “nailed it” and it was “so funny.”

However, they did not receive any feedback from West right away, but then two weeks ago, Franco and Rogen received a call from the rapper. At first, Franco said he and Rogen were expecting him to “go off on them” for making the spoof video, but to their surprise, he loved it. Franco went on to say that, West even asked them to perform the Bound 2 parody the night before his wedding to Kardashian at Versailles. However, Franco said he was pretty sure it was not going to happen because although it would be funny, it would make for an awkward wedding performance about 10 seconds in when Rogen lost his shirt.

Nevertheless, it is hilarious to imagine Franco and Rogen mounting a motorcycle while a fan blows their hair around, they lip sync Bound 2, and act out the original video in front of all the Kardashians and other wedding guests. If nothing else, it would give everyone in attendance a good laugh.

The Bound 2 video is not the only time Franco and Rogen have spoofed West and Kardashian. Last month, Kardashian saw one of her dreams come true when she and West landed the cover of Vogue magazine. At the same time, Franco and Rogen saw an opportunity to spoof the lovebirds again and simply could not resist creating a mock cover of the magazine. Franco played the part of Kanye once more while Rogen tapped into his ultra feminine side so he could capture just the right facial expression.

At this time, it is uncertain if Franco and Rogen will actually perform their Bound 2 parody at the West Kardashian wedding. Either way, it will be interesting to see what these two come up with next!

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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