‘Friends’ Reunion Not Happening Says Courteney Cox [Video]


If anyone out there was holding on to a thread of hope that there just might be some sort of Friends reunion in the works, Courteney Cox has made it clear that it will not be happening. At least, not anytime soon. Cox appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday evening, most likely to keep up the buzz about her current successful TV show, Cougar Town. However, host Letterman could not resist asking about the “elephant” in the room. When pressed for comment about getting the cast together for an onscreen performance, Cox did not pull any punches.

On Monday, April 21, David Letterman got very candid with Cox in a moment of sheer bluntness. Although during the interview he states: “I don’t want to ask you that,” the host still manages to inquire about what every Friends fanatic is hoping to see. “Will there be a ‘Friends’ thing going on?” Letterman asks, almost reluctantly, although Dave would probably never show true enthusiasm even if he actually had secret hopes of once again watching Chandler pal around with the likes of Ross and Monica while gossiping about the trivialities of relationships.

The response from Cox, while not too surprising, is certainly disappointing for Friends fans to hear. At first, the Cougar Town star hinted that she herself  is not completely opposed to the idea. She claims to have gotten herself into “trouble” by stating her interest, which set off a chain of phone calls and rumors that the fantasy could become a reality. However the reality, as Cox put it so succinctly, is that “It’s not gonna happen.” But forget about an actual TV reunion or Friends movie – Cox says that even getting the gang together for a dinner is something that will not be happening, possibly ever.

Friends was an NBC sitcom that lasted for ten years on the network, beginning in 1994. It starred Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston. The show centered around a group of peers living in New York City, who spent most of their time in either an apartment or a coffee shop. They endured many comedic moments, often centering around relationship foibles. While the show was first panned by critics as a less favorable version of Seinfeld, the show became a classic and its finale was one of the most watched television episodes of all time.

While there is no feud or animosity between stars of the sitcom, which ended in 2004, the logistics it takes to get the entire crew together for an evening are just too complicated. Although the original cast has reportedly remained friends over the years, Cox explained that she has been trying to put together a cast dinner “for ten years” with no luck. Still, when it comes to the small screen, there have been moments of Friends nostalgia as Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow have all made appearances on Cox’s Cougar Town. Now that Courteney Cox has set the record straight, Friends fans will just have to accept their fate in “rerun land,” as there really, truly will not be a reunion happening.

Opinion by Josh Taub

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