Men Can Stop Trying to Sound Sexy

SexyMen can stop trying to sound sexy because, according to a new study, it just does not work. While women are capable of adjusting their voices to sound sexy, a new study found that men are unable to do the same.

Society has come up with a stereotype of what sexy sounds like, and apparently it is a low, breathy voice. The study, which was recently published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, researched changes in voice, including making one’s voice sound sexy. The participants included 20 men and 20 women. These participants were judged by 40 people in order to determine if the participants had met their goal.

The study found that women outperformed men when it came to sounding sexy. Women achieved the sexy voice that men could not by lowering their voices and adding just a slight bit of hoarseness to it.  Susan Hughes, lead author of the study and associate professor of psychology at Albright College, said that though it was not significant, “it got a bit worse when men tried to sound sexy.”

There may actually be a scientific reason to this, and it comes down to how mates are selected. Women are aware that attractiveness is an important aspect for men, and a sexy voice has been linked with physical appeal. Women have evolved in a way that allows them to know how to play up their attractive qualities, including adjusting their voice to have a sexier sound. Because this aspect is not as important to women who are looking for mates, men have not evolved in this manner. The good news is that since it is not important to women when finding a mate, men can stop trying to sound sexy.

The study also looked at other ways that individuals can adjust their voices. Both men and women were successful in altering their voices in order to sound more intelligent. Both sexes also succeeded equally in sounding more dominant. This can be especially beneficial for women who are in traditionally male-dominated careers, such as politics and business.

Men won out on sounding more confident, but only when judged by women. The study found that women were unable to successfully alter their voice in order to sound more confident. Researchers found that men were only able to sound more confident when they were being judged by women, rather than being judged by other men.

This study can be beneficial in many areas, including voice training and business. Voice coaches may be able to use the study findings in order to help their clients sound more confident in business presentation. The researchers said the findings from the study would also help in acting and public speaking.

While men can stop trying to achieve that breathy voice in order to sound sexy, it does not mean there is nothing they can do to adjust their voice in order to succeed in sounding attractive. It may be as simple for men to attract women by lowering their voices a bit. Other research has found that women like men with a deeper voice because they sound bigger.

By Ashley Campbell


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