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Game BoyGame Boy turns 25 this year, and still has some of the biggest games. Nintendo created a masterpiece with the handheld device, and has since developed it into the handheld consoles of today. Even though more and more people opt for their smartphones and tablets for gaming, there are still certain games they have to find.

The Super Mario Land series of games became extremely popular from the first day of their release. The first one was a loose adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo games console, but soon became something just for the handheld device. Gamers even got the chance to play the bad guy in Wario, the third installment of the Game Boy series.

One of the best things about the series is that the gaming was so simple in terms of technicality. However, it required skill and that skill could continually be developed. It was very similar to the original Super Mario Bros. in the sense that one would be forced to move in a linear line to the right, but it soon gained a life of its own.

These games are now available to play on smartphones. They have been adapted, but do not quite have the same charm as the original games.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was such a popular game that it became a TV show. It took gamers through a quest to defeat the baddies after his ship wrecked on a beach, and then save Zelda. There was the ability to choose different weapons after collecting them, and buying extra potions to use throughout the different stages of the game. This is another game now available on smartphones and tablets. It is time to get back into it, and defeat the baddies once more.

One of Game Boy’s biggest games has to be Tetris. Arguably it made the handheld console a must have. People all over the world remembered playing it in arcades, and now had the chance to pass the different levels and work out how to put the blocks together without gaps while on the move. It did not matter that it was all in black and white.

The game remained a must have for Game Boy fans. It was developed in color for the next model of the handheld, and then for the Nintendo DS. It is now even an iPhone game for those who want to continue defeating the levels and seeing if there is ever an end to it.

Pokemon was Nintendo’s first realization of the capabilities of the handheld device. It became a game for those who wanted to play with friends, and developed into the multibillion franchise that it is today. While there are aspects that have changed over the years, there are still many initial aspects when looking into the original game play.

There have been a number of big titles, and many of those have gone on to become games for the various Nintendo consoles and for mobile devices. The Game Boy is 25 years old this month, and the biggest games have helped it remain the most memorable and favorable devices of all time.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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