Game of Thrones Controversial Scene Takes the Show on Dark Path?

Game of Thrones

Note: Contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode that aired on April 20, 2014.

The controversial scene in Game of Thrones could mean the show is taking a dark path for the rest of the season. It was a scene that has had a mixture of reviews, with some really not caring considering one of the characters involved. However, even those who have read the books were shocked, also showing that the show-runners are not afraid to deviate from the written text.

It was the aftermath of King Joffrey’s murder, and an episode for Cersei to mourn the passing of her son. Of course, Jaime needed to mourn too. Joffrey was his son too, even if some characters would like to ignore that fact. It all seemed to pass as one would expect. Tywin takes his younger grandson under his wing to make sure he becomes a “wise king,” and Cersei is left alone showing that there is an unconditional love between mother and child, despite how much of a monster said child is.

That was when the show took a turn to the dark side. While mourning, Jaime walks in and decides he wants a few moments alone with his sister/mother of his child. In their grief they pass, and then the show-runners include something that many other shows avoid at all cost: rape. Not just any rape. Incest rape with their dead son right by them.

While some see the controversial Game of Thrones scene meaning the show is taking a dark path, others view it as the “era.” George R.R. Martin has never explicitly stated the time period for the show, but many guess that it is set in a fictional Wars of the Roses period. Some suggest that it is a dystopian future where all technology and the movements in the 20th and 21st centuries have been forgotten about. What does that mean for the show? That women are not considered to have the same rights as men. That has been seen time and time again.

There is also the argument that Game of Thrones is not taking a dark turn. After season three, many have forgotten the true nature of Jaime Lannister. He started off as a character who was hated by most. He threw a defenseless child out of a window, paralyzing him. He was “The Kingslayer.” Just because he went back to save Brienne of Tarth does not make him a good man. There is still that innate evil deep down inside him. The show-runners are bringing that character back out, letting nobody forget just what he is capable of.

Social media has erupted in anger, disdain, confusion and disgust for the choice of setting. Of course, it has also erupted in cheers as people believe Cersei is finally getting everything she deserves. The main shock for those who have read the books is that they do not remember the rape scene in the books.Could the controversial scene on Game of Thrones really mean the show is taking a dark path, or is this the way the show has always been from the beginning?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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