The Following Silence: Death Via Twin? (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

The Following Silence: Death Via Twin? (Recap/Review)
After the shocking, or perhaps not so shocking to those who’ve been watching The Following from season one, death of Lily in last week’s episode; last night’s show, Silence, ends on a clear cliffhanger moment and it looks like Ryan may die via one of the twins if not both of them. This penultimate episode shows events barrelling down a path so steep that nothing anyone does will stop, seemingly, the vicious slaughter that Joe Carroll has planned for his last stand.

Everyone in this episode seems hellbent on either reaching Joe to kill him or to be counted as another of his following. In the case of Lily’s two deadly, and mad, twins luke and Mark, they want to kill everybody. Ryan Hardy, Mike Weston, Joe Carroll, Claire, and most likely anyone else who gets in their way. Like the unfortunate car owner who loses her vehicle and life to the deadly duo.

Claire’s message, delivered by Carrie Cook on her news show, has the desired effect on her former husband. Unfortunately, he is too busy to come and check on Claire himself. Joe sends the poisonous Emma, who tells Carroll that if he “falls apart this time” she’s leaving him. In a very short time, the assistant/lover of Joe has become a very vital part of his life. Despite her letting Mandy, aka “Little Mouse,” die at the hands of Lily’s murderous twins she still carries a lot of weight with Joe. In last week’s show it looked like Carroll would take very little convincing to kill Emma, but now he’s realised that his Claire “replacement” is capable of taking his ex wife out, with the help of Robert.

Letting Emma and her helper “take care of Claire” leaves Joe plenty of time to focus on the good Reverend Tanner and his son. Kingston Tanner speaks to Carroll and receives instructions that he is told must be followed to the letter. Joe tells Tanner that when he gets a “signal” he needs to go and meet with Carroll as his son’s life depends on it. One of Joe’s most devout followers join the teeming throng outside Tanner’s house and sets herself on fire, this is the signal that the reverend has been waiting for.

In The Following: Silence it looks like after Tanner, and his son, are disposed of that Carroll as well as Hardy’s little band could all face death via twin. While Luke and Mark, have very little in the way of screen time in this episode, their threat lurks in the background. Although, the murderous apples of Lily’s eye will have to wait until the reverend is taken care of by Joe.

Tanner goes out of the back of his house after seeing his signal. He is kidnapped by two more of Carroll’s followers. Joe tells Emma that if anything goes wrong in her dealing with Claire to let Robert be the hero. He professes his love for his second in command and he tells her that once they have both died that she will be famous as the woman behind him. While this information pleases Emma, as Joe is hugging her, his face tells a different story from the one he spun for the deadly little psychopath.

Carroll and his followers take over a church in mid-service, it appears to be a communion, and as part of his flock take over the service and keep the members of the church captive, his other followers set about “boobytrapping” the building. The idea is to burn the church to the ground with Reverend Tanner, his son, and the congregation still inside.

Ryan and Weston arrive slightly ahead of the S.W.A.T. teams and enter the building. Joe has, in the meantime, set up live feeds to the Internet from the church as he sets about torturing Tanner and his son. Emma is worried about what to do with Claire if she shows up and the woman in question, after being talked into leaving and going back to her son, escapes her protectors to meet with Joe. Emma reveals her idea of what dying actually is. Silence is what she expects death to be and she says that is what she hopes it is.

Hardy and Mike enter the building just before the last entry point is sealed off. Claire, after shaking her guards, goes to the meeting point where she expects to see Joe. Emma and Robert are waiting for her and in the resulting fight, Claire emerges triumphant and the deadly, murderous lover of Carroll gets her silence.

Bodies begin to pile up, the authorities attempt to stop Carroll’s live feed, Weston “gives himself up” and Joe, knowing that Mike would not be there without Ryan Hardy, puts a gun to his head and tells Ryan that he will shoot Weston if Hardy does not give himself up. As the hero in The Following: Silence is making up his mind, a shot rings out and fade…to…black. Leaving the audience to wonder if Weston has been shot, or has Ryan shot Carroll, or will all three live to face death via twin. Next week’s episode makes it appear that at least one of the men will not make it. The suspense is as tight as a piano wire and waiting for the finale is going to be…murder.

By Michael Smith



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