‘Game of Goats’ Outshines ‘Game of Thrones’ Opening Theme [Video]

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Game of Thrones season four premiere offered HBO its top ratings since The Sopranos ended in 2007, but just when it looked invincible in the eyes of its fans, Game of Goats outshines its opening theme. After Goat Simulator took the world of gaming by storm and a compilation video with goats yelling like humans gathered over 23 million views on YouTube, a user named Marca Blanca recreated the series’ theme song with goats yelling and bleating, so that it looks like they are singing along to the song. Although Game of Goats has only a bit over 200,000 views for now, the video became viral almost instantly.

Game of Thrones just debuted and its producers already announced that the series has been commissioned for two new seasons, but the only thing the makers did not take into account is the newly made Game of Goats, which took the series by storm and outshined its opening theme. The already famous television series’ theme song was turned into a vintage video game and was sung by the show’s kid stars, but nothing prepared fans for a Game of Thrones in which goats occupy the leading positions. Now, Samwell Tarly’s line has been transformed from a metaphor to plain speech: “I can’t steal her! She’s a person, not a goat!.”

The Return of the Goats

Game of Goats comes soon after Goat Simulator’s game designer Armin Ibrisagic told fans that the famous game will soon receive an update which includes a new map, local split-screen multiplayer and more. The update will arrive mid-May and gamers will be able to enjoy new goats and new achievements. Although online multiplayer is not possible because of physics synchronization troubles, Ibrisagic is certain that the local split-screen multiplayer will not disappoint.

Two More Seasons

Game of Thrones’ opening theme might be outshined by the new Game of Goats, but the series’ producers have an ace in the hole with two new seasons. The good news was made public via the television series’ official Facebook page and included a subtle suggestion that seasons five and six are a done deal: “Send a raven and spread the word across the realm.”

The season four premiere offered HBO its top ratings since The Sopranos came to an end; while the mafia drama had 11.9 million viewers, Game of Thrones gathered an average of 6.6 million watchers. Apart from setting a new record of viewers since 2007, the series is also the most illegally downloaded television programme, with one episode racking up 4,280,000 illegal downloads globally, according to Torrentfreak, which is a bit more than its estimated US television audience.

Game of Thrones could also turn into a movie, if the hints author George R.R. Martin offered are true. According to Martin, transforming his novel-turned-television series into a motion picture is a possibility. However, the idea has received both good and bad reactions, especially since there are at least two more seasons in store.

As in vogue Game of Thrones may be these days, Game of Goats seems to be outshining the series’ opening theme, thanks to a YouTube user named Marca Blanca, who made a compilation starting from the video with yelling goats that gathered over 23 million views and transformed it into a viral piece. Since Goat Simulator and the YouTube compilation video with goats yelling like humans instantly became a craze, it is no wonder that Game of Goats did more than crack a smile, especially when it comes to Game of Thrones fans.

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