Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes of Breaker of Chains

Game of ThronesWarning spoilers ahead: Right now it seems season four is all about how much the writers can shock the audience. Tywin acts like the king is not dead and begins the process of grooming Joffrey’s younger brother on how he should run Westeros, but in the process of trying to train him he is insulting Joffrey and reminding his younger brother what a bad king he was. The beginning scene in the Game of Thrones is all about inappropriateness at a funeral. Let’s take a look at one of the most disturbing behind the scenes look at the Game of Thrones in the episode of Breaker of Chains. Director Graves explains why the Cersei and Jaime scene had to happen the way it did.

In the scene Jaime rapes Cersei and according to the director it is about more than just the rape it is about focusing on their love child who is now dead. The matter at hand really is if Joffrey is gone, what will happen between these two. The scene really did start off quite innocent with Jaime coming in to comfort Cersei, but it turned into hatred by the end of the scene.  They may finally be able to leave each other alone. Only time will tell as season four progresses.

According to the Game of Thrones writers in the behind scenes look of the episode Breaker of Chains the Wildlings are a rough group of people. They are like a cross between Sons of Anarchy and Scottish warriors. The Finns are the worst of the worst of what the Wildling’s probably have to offer as they are a group of tribes instead of one single tribe. This in part is what makes them so dangerous. The Finn’s give in to cannibalism and even like to scar their own faces. Now when Aria and the Hound are traveling at the beginning of this episode they are getting along so much better, but when it comes down to it Hound still believes the fittest survive not the weak. Of course, as usual Aria disagrees vehemently. These two have a long way to go before they will close the gap between them.

According to George R. R. Martin in the Game of Thrones, Meereen is the richest and most populated city. They have trained soldiers, but their main source of protection is their walls that are not able to be breached by normal means. Daario is out to prove himself to Dany and offers himself to take on the challenger. The challenger comes riding on his horse and Dany steps in to offer him a horse, but of course he declines the offer.

Dany is taking a big risk, but as we have seen in the past she is not afraid to take risks. Luckily for her the risk pays off as Daario then strikes down the horse with a dagger knocking the challenger off the horse. He then swiftly beheads him. Dany then offers the slaves their freedom with a short, but to the point speech. She emphasizes this even further by catapulting the slaves broken chains. In Game of Thrones behind the scenes look at Breaker of Chains the challenge has been set. The audience will find out next week what the slaves answer will be.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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