San Francisco Giants Hitting Woes Are a Sign of Things to Come


Disregard what happened in Colorado on Wednesday, the San Francisco Giants recent hitting woes are a sign of things to come. Winners of just two of their past seven games, the once red hot Giants have fallen out of first place and are now looking up at their rival Dodgers.

San Francisco’s offense has completely disappeared over the past week. Their .202 team batting average ranks 28th in the entire league and their 24 runs scored ranks 25th. That’s right, 24 runs scored in the past seven days, 12 of them came on Wednesday. Looking at the larger picture, they still rank 10th in the league with 93 runs scored on the season, but it feels like a majority of them came within the first two weeks when they forgot that they aren’t a good offensive team. It looks like they finally remembered.

The Giants have left an average of 8.33 runners on base over the past three games. That ranks 25th in the league. They average 6.64 runners left on base per game on the season, with 3.41 of those runners being in scoring position. But the problem for the Giants is that their numbers are not improving, nor are they consistent, but instead rapidly falling over time. With an unwatchable offensive regression and a still unreliable pitching staff, the Giants are lucky to be in the position that they are. Because of their early hot start and head to head dominance against the Dodgers, they are just a single game behind the L.A. with a record of 12-10.

San Francisco heads back home to kick off an interleague series with the 10-11 Cleveland Indians on Friday night. Both teams are 5-5 in their past 10 games, although the Indians have a getaway game with Kansas City on Thursday. With the likely matchup of Tim Hudson vs. Carlos Carrasco, the Giants will have a good chance to put some runs on the board. Carrasco is 0-2 with a 7.31 ERA in three starts this season. He has allowed 19 hits over just 16 innings. The odds look to be in the Giants favor, one would hope.

Bruce Bochy’s team cannot think about what happened in Colorado on Wednesday afternoon. Their six home runs were simply an apparition of Coors Field, and will not travel with them back to the Bay Area. There is only one player in the history of AT&T Park that could swing for the fences on every at bat with no repercussion, and that is the all-time homer run leader Barry Bonds.

But that appears to be the problem with some of the Giants bats. They need to think gap to gap in that spread out field. Meanwhile, Pablo Sandoval is swinging out of his shoes at every pitch. The pressing Sandoval is hitting just .165 with two home runs and six RBI’s. Maybe he should start eating again. Buster Posey and Hunter Pence aren’t hitting so well themselves, batting .229 and .238 respectively. With those three struggling Giants making up the heart of their order, it’s no wonder why their offense has been so dismal.

It comes as no surprise that the Giants offensive production is characteristically trending in the wrong direction. After all, even the two recent World Series teams didn’t have the greatest offense in the world. And last season they ranked 29th in home runs, 22nd in slugging percentage and 21st in runs scored. Their offseason consisted of only adding Michael Morse and they are playing without Marco Scutaro. So why would this season be any different? It isn’t.

Commentary by Rich Peters
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer for the San Francisco Giants

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One Response to "San Francisco Giants Hitting Woes Are a Sign of Things to Come"

  1. Richard Bermudez   May 1, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Kind of a Debbie Downer article at this point……Giants broke their hitting slump at home this week and hit a home run in every game……..So yes, they can sustain the fact that their going to be a home run hitting club this week. Aside from Colorado, they lead the NL in home runs. This is a different year. This team is better and won’t stagger for too long like last years team. Have faith. LETS GO GIANTS>

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