‘Game of Thrones’ Cast and Their Sexy Past

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones does not shy away from showcasing the seedy underbelly of King’s Landing, prostitutes and those that wear the crown alike, and the show’s casting crew has a reputation for going to great lengths to find the right fit for each role. Realism is a big part of the made-up world’s draw. Among the hand-selected are at least a handful of cast members that have never acted before and a few that got their start in a rather titillating industry. The sexy past of a few of the cast members has definitely helped shape and form the believability of Game of Thrones’ fantasy settings.

Yet to be revealed in the current season, character Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, will be played by a man who has never acted in his life. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson has been cast as The Mountain, The Hound’s menacing older brother. Björnsson stands an impressive 6’9” and is an Icelandic strongman with several world titles. He will be the third actor casted to play this role over four seasons, and the character is slotted for a bigger presence this season than previously. Surely, the strongman’s sheer strength and fortitude helped him land the role.

Much like Björnsson, several ladies that have been cast as sexy components in Game of Thrones bring experience from their past into their roles. German Sibel Kekilli, better known as Shae, Tyrion Lannister’s jaded and exotic love interest, Sansa’s hand-maiden, and a whore with dignified and headstrong mannerisms, which prove she is a contender to any double-dealing foe within her presence, once upon a time, over a decade ago, appeared in a series of adult films.

Maisee Dee, who played the character of Daisy, one of Petyr Baelish’s, or Little Finger’s, prostitutes, is a British porn actress. She was “lucky” enough to land a role on GoT  in season two, and is most likely remembered  for being the recipient of King Joffrey’s sadistic behavior. There have been no other scenes scripted for Dee currently.

Season two also aired a controversial sex scene with two more of Baelish’s prostitutes. Actresses Esme Bianco and Sahara Knite are remembered for erotically demonstrating particular techniques of the trade on each other. Knite was previously employed as a clothing technologist until eventually joining the adult industry. Her role in the series ended the same season.

There are several female characters who have had a hand in the adult industry that have yet to make their GoT debut, but they have been included in official cast rosters. Samantha Bentley, whose role has yet to be identified, is a British porn star and won the crown for “Best Female Performer” last year at the UK Adult Producers Awards. Jessica Jensen’s character has yet to be revealed as well, and like Bentley, she has been acknowledged at the Producers Awards for her talents. This year she was named “Best Newcomer.” Australian amateur porn star Aeryn Walker may be well-known for having a fondness for costume play in her day job, but this season she has been cast as one of Craster’s wives. Craster, for those that need a reminder, is one of the creepier wildlings living north of the wall.

Game of Thrones is sure to have a few skeletons in its closet, but those skeletons would be among the best skeletons ever to portray a sack of bones. The sexy and seductive pasts of some of the actors, without a doubt, only add to the strength, vitality, and uniqueness of Game of Thrones’ eccentric and ardently chosen cast.

Opinion by Stacy Feder


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