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The Game of Thrones show premiered on HBO in 2011. The show is based on the fantasy book series A Game of Thrones, written by George R.R. Martin. Loyal fans have eagerly anticipated the upcoming fourth season, which picks up after the devastating Red Wedding, but are fans in for more devastation? Is the Game of Thrones show going to be finished without a satisfying ending?

If fans watched Saturday Night Lives’ new skit about the show, then the answer is yes, but it’s all in good fun. In the skit, cast member Bobby Moynihan plays author Martin and gives an interview explaining that he is too burnt out to continue writing the last two books. Martin says that the books have become too vast and it is too hard to remember all the characters names, since there are about 1,000. The author is also struggling to remember the names of the kingdoms. In the skit, Martin also confesses that he gets inspiration for his novels by watching old Friends reruns. The interview ends when Martin shares hints about what fans can expect; a new book that is over 3,000 pages long, everyone they have grown to love will die, something shocking will happen, and of course winter is coming.

The Game of Thrones show was created and based off the first novel in the series A Game of Thrones. The show planned to cover one novel per season. However, fans are concerned that author George R.R. Martin has not finished the last two novels yet, and they are wondering how this will affect the Game of Thrones show. Producer Frank Doelger has said that he doesn’t want to just pad the last few seasons of the show while waiting for Martin to finish, as he has been known to take a long time to write.

Fans love the Game of Thrones books, and are happy that the show captures the scenery and costumes perfectly. The Game of Thrones show is filmed all over the world, creating an exciting and authentic backdrop for the cast. Northern Ireland is where many of the castles are located and used for the film. Other locations such as Malta, Morocco, Mdina, Croatia, and Dubrovnik are also featured in the show. The costumes are also inspired by many cultures, such as Persian and Japanese. Places that have been featured in the show have also received a boost in tourism after fans have seen the location in the show and visited.

Loyal fans do not have to worry about Game of Thrones show being finished anytime soon, even though Martin has not finished the last two novels. The fourth season is said to have almost hour-long episodes. The season will pick up after the Red Wedding, and this time King Joffrey will be the one getting married. Fans will be able to see what their favorite characters have been up to, well, the ones that are still alive anyway. Season four promises more brutality, blood, and the never-ending threat of winter, but of course, fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. lunatic   April 6, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    Using a SNL “skit” in reference to GoT’s future?
    SNL hasn’t been relevent since 1995 (at best), I am
    more surprised to hear it was still on the air than I
    was surprised at the shallow crap this review is.


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