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game of thronesGame of Thrones continues to entice new audience members and stir up controversy. The world sat in shock and somewhat pleasant dismay as one of the most despised characters, Joffrey Baratheon lay gasping for breath, reaching out in anger toward his uncle Tyrion at in The Purple Wedding. The show’s ratings apparently increased. The latest episode has audience members up in arms over a couple of risque sex scenes. That drama attracted more attention. Many followers want a sneak peek at this season’s mayhem. So, spoiler alerts should be duly noted.

According to a recent press release, here it is. First of His Name debuts May 4th and promises more excitement. Cercei and Tywin must plot the crown’s next move given they have a new King on the throne that will allow them to do as they please. Dany reveals future ambitions and perhaps the audience will learn her plan for a take over of Westeros. Jon Snow embarks on a new mission.

In The Laws of God and Men set to debut May 11th. Stannis and Davos set sail with a new strategy. Dany meets with her supplicants and Tyrion faces down his father in the throne room. In Mockingbird, set to debut May 18th, Tyrion teams up with an unlikely ally. Daario convinces Dany to allow him to do what he does best. Jon’s warns about the Wall’s vulnerability but it falls on deaf ears. Brienne and Pod follow a new lead on the road.

With those Game of Thrones sneak peeks, many questions surface. First off when will the killer of Joffrey be proven guilty? The list of those wanting him dead abounds. According to The Epoch Times, it is Petyr Balish who killed Joffrey but why and what is he going to do next? What is the lead that Brienne and Pod follow? Is this Joffrey’s killer and why doesn’t the show arrange the same killer as the book, which was likely Olenna Tyrell?

The other obvious question is what will happen in Game of thrones if the wildlings break the wall? They are on their way and where they plan to go after is anyone’s guess. Also, who will accompany them? Will the white walkers make their move towards the wall as well?

Daenerys Stormborn is the wild card in the mix. What are her plans? Are her dragons big enough to fight and will she arrive in Westeros in time to take over of the throne? Also, where will Sansa be taken? Will Petyr Baelish force her to marry him and if so, what will Sansa think of her new husband?

The final question in this sneak peek of Game of Thrones is what will the new plans for the King of Westeros be? Will Tyrell and Cersei take over the throne and will they invade more land in their quest for power? What will they do about Stannis and what will Stannis do next in his quest for power? Stannis already believes he has killed Joffrey with the Lord of Light’s powers. Who is next on the list to die?

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


The Epoch Times


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