Game of Thrones Spoilers Ruining the Experience?

Game of ThronesSharing spoilers of Game of Thrones is ruining the experience for some people. They do not want to know what happens in the episodes before they get a chance to see it themselves. The issue reached its peak so far this week after many publications started sharing the events of the “Purple Wedding” just after the release of the episode.

The question is just how it really ruins the experience of the episodes. Plenty of people have already read the books that the series is adapted from. The books are over 10 years old in some cases, so people already know who dies, who is blamed and just how people get out of the sticky mess they get themselves into. Knowing everything that is going to happen has not ruined the experience of watching the show for them, so how could it possibly ruin the experience for others?

Of course, the argument is that the readers know they are spoiling it for themselves, especially those who are reading it right now instead of waiting for the next episodes to air. There are plenty of people waiting for the show to come to an end before reading just how George R.R. Martin tells the stories through words.

The argument then is that plenty of people re-watch episodes and movies after finding out the ending. People want to look back to see the subtle clues they missed, and try to spot something that others still have not pointed out. Knowing the spoilers for Game of Thrones has not ruined the experience the second time round. Arguably it has enhanced the viewing.

The idea that knowing a spoiler ruins the experience would mean that once a movie or episode has been watched once it can never be watched again. That is not the case. The experience is just different, because people are looking out for things they missed.

Those who are watching Game of Thrones for the first time knowing the story have the chance to spot the clues in that first viewing. They get the chance to watch things happening in the background or off to one side. These are the clues that many writers and directors add in, knowing that the initial focus will be on the main events.

By sharing the general ending, people still do not know the details. Just by knowing that a certain character dies at a certain time does not give away exactly how it is going to happen. Nor does it take away from the acting that those playing the characters portray during their death scenes; or even the characters around them as it all happens.

Spoilers cannot completely ruin the whole experience. The main spoiler of a certain character dying during a certain wedding is not the main story. The story was the events happening around said character, and there is the ongoing story of the suspects and just how the man conveniently being framed for murder is going to get out of his predicament. With all that in mind, surely the spoilers for the recent Game of Thrones episode is not going to ruin the whole viewing experience.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "Game of Thrones Spoilers Ruining the Experience?"

  1. mand1g   May 19, 2014 at 9:09 am

    I can see that Game of thrones ill stop fast they alredy ruin it in season 4 and my last season just as they did with justified and sons of archery 6 (why do they always ruin some when its best ???)

  2. HarDeHarHar   April 26, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Oberyn stands for Tyrion in a trial by combat against the Mountain…the rest has been removed due to spoilers of the whole of the Tyrion trial for those who have not read the books yet and don’t want to be spoiled.

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