‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Finally Gets to the Heart of Show [VIDEO]

Game of ThronesThose who try to explain Game of Thrones to people who have never watched the show or read the books will be happy, as the show finally gets a trailer that gets to the heart of the show. The most recent trailers have hinted to scenes from season four, which is just a few days away. However, Screen Junkies has its own version covering the events of the last three seasons.

One of the most alarmingly honest lines is how everyone close to Sean Bean on the series has died. Since Bean’s character Eddard Stark’s own execution at the start of season two, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and unborn grandchild have died. His brother is still missing somewhere beyond The Wall, and it seems like many have completely forgotten about him.

Another major part that Screen Junkies brings up is how everyone is fighting for one throne, which is apparently uncomfortable, while forgetting all about the “ice zombies.” This is another very truth fact. The White Walkers (those ice zombies) were mentioned in the very first episode, and then were completely forgotten about. While mentioned now and then and pushed aside as myth, it was only at the end of season two and throughout season three that they were finally spotted again—and Samwell Tarly has lived to tell the tale without abandoning the Night’s Watch like the original guy. What was that guy’s name from the first episode?

Speaking forgetting names, the well-made trailer finally gets into the issue with the characters—the fact that it is virtually impossible to remember the names of every single character. It may be a little easier for those who have read the book, but some of the actors look so alike that it has led to some believing that the characters are often the same people. This fact is humorously pointed out in the trailer Game of Thrones trailer, as it finally gets to the heart of the show and its characters.

Screen Junkies goes through a list of characters on the hot HBO show and asks if people can actually name them. They include the likes of Jorah Mormont and Bronn whose names have rarely been mentioned since the first time.

The trailer creators cannot leave out the amount of sex and incest included in the series. They show that by including various scenes with breasts blacked out to keep it child-friendly.

The Game of Thrones trailer is not the first one made by the owners of the YouTube account. Captain America and Hunger Games: Catching Fire have also recently found themselves “victims” of having honest trailers created. The owners believe that fans of various movies and TV shows deserve the real look into the show, but want to do it in a humorous way.

It is the first honest and amusing trailer since the start of the TV show, and there is possibly more to come when it comes to the season finale and wait for season five. That really depends on the amount of action that season four sees. One of the main questions in this Game of Thrones trailer that gets to the heart of the show is when will King Justin Bieber (King Joffrey) finally die?

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