Game of Thrones Who Did It? (Warning-Spoilers)

Game of Thrones

For those of us who have been following The Game of Thrones closley – but have not read the epic fantasy novels – Joffrey’s death comes as a shocking surprise. The tyrant king had multiple enemies vying for the throne, but the assassination seems to have been committed by a member at the wedding table. We take a close look at the suspects seated at the King’s table and try to determine each of their motives for knocking off the King.

1. Tywin Lannister
Throughout the Game of Thrones the eldest Lannister had been plotting and conniving his way to the top. Being the wise man he is, Tywin understands the danger that an unpredictable king like Joffrey poses to an already fragile situation. Knowing that he can never legitimately be king, his next best option is to control the kingdom vicariously through the well-tempered younger brother of Joffrey. Tywin has also appointed two judges that have both agreed to side with him. Could this be an attempt to frame Tyrion as one the behind the regicide?

2. Sansa Stark
Put yourself in Sansa’s shoes and you too will want to see Joffrey suffer. Watching her father’s head come tumbling off his body, and having her family murdered at a red wedding, may have pushed to her to act in revenge. Seated next to Tyrion Lannister, she had ample time to slip something into Joffrey’s drink. Many believe the gemstones on her necklace – given to her by the knight turned fool, Ser Dontos – were used to carry and administer the poison. Could she have killed Joffrey and let her husband take the blame? Game of Thrones has really raised the stakes here.

3. Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion seems to be the framed scapegoat in all of this. Being the one to actually have handled Joffrey’s wine, he bears the brunt of his sister’s outrage, who accuses him of murdering her son. It could be that it was his plan all along to murder the king, but didn’t expect Joffrey to use him as his cup holder. This all seems unlikely, but Tyrion is an intelligent man, and this may all be a part of the plan. If he is innocent, Tyrion is going to have to find witnesses, as the odds are quickly stacking up against him.

4. Margaery Tyrell
Margaery seems to have gained the most from the assassination of her husband. She is now the queen, and doesn’t have to deal with a sadistic husband. From the beginning her goal was become to the queen, even if that meant marrying a tyrant like Joffrey. With Joffrey out of the picture and her becoming queen, she has gotten everything she wanted. Being seated beside Joffrey, she had many opportune moments to slip some lethal poison into Joffrey’s glass.

A long list of people want to see Joffrey’s head separate from his body. The ones covered here are all viable to suspects, due to their various motives. Of course there are also other suspects who were not present at the wedding; Stannis Baratheon being the obvious one. We will have to wait for the next episode of Game of Thrones for possible new leads, pertaining to the assassin of King Joffrey.

By: Sarah Jones

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