Oddworld Returns With a Fresh Looking Odyssey

OddworldAs they would say in Oddworld, “New N’ Tasty!” Good news for fans of the previously abandoned series, Oddworld Inhabitants is returning to consoles and computers with a fresh looking revamp of their original game, Abe’s Odyssey. Oddworld Inhabitants Founder and CEO Lorne Lanning announced that the game was not just a remake, but that it was being rebuilt entirely from the ground up, thus eliciting the subtitle, “New N’ Tasty.” The Oddworld Inhabitants series of games garnered a very loyal collective of fans when they were in their hay day during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Famous for its unapologetic use of vulgarity in humor, the Oddworld series has received a rating of T for Teen for each game.

Beginning with Abe’s Oddyssey, gamers were introduced to an alien and darkly comedic world of eccentric and bizarre looking creatures from the planet, Oddworld. The first game followed the title character of Abe, a “Mudokon”, a bipedal bug eyed creature with gangly limbs and blue-green skin. Abe’s home planet of Oddworld is in danger of being taken over by the slimy, business minded Glukkons, who run RuptureFarms, the factory where Abe and many other Mudokons work as slaves. When Abe discovers that the new source of meat in the “New N’ Tasty” line of “Tasty Treats” is set to be other Mudokon slaves after the natural wildlife has been exhausted, he panics and launches a humorous escape plan to free himself from the Glukkon factory. After Abe manages to escape, he has a premonition from the spiritual leader of the Mudokons, BigFace, who teaches him that his people were not always slaves to the Glukkons. The BigFace tells Abe that he is the savior foretold of in an old Mudokon prophecy who would face trials on his quest to relight holy flames and save the Mudokons from their captors.

With the help of his companion and mount, Elum, Abe is able to complete his quest and return to RuptureFarms to save his brethren, hopefully giving them a fresh start, and completing his Oddworld Oddyssey. The success of the first Oddworld Inhabitants game paved the way for the release of the second the following year. Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus begins where Abe’s Odyssey leaves off, following Abe through another perilous journey through Oddworld, where he must once again rescue defenseless and slightly doltish Mudokons from another devious Glukkon plan. Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssey, however introduced new creatures and new characters to the odd series. Munch, a Gabbit, is an aquatic creature who must use a squeaky wheelchair to move quickly over land. Munch and Abe team up in this adventure as they fight to destroy the Glukkon Queen, free Mudokons, and save the Gabbits from extinction.

The most recent installment to the series, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was Oddworld’s answer to a “shooter” style game. The protagonist, known only as Stranger uses a weapon that has a new twist on the term, “live ammunition.” Stranger’s gun fires different small live creatures for various desired effects. For example, Fuzzles are small furry creatures that somewhat resemble the Tribbles of Star Trek: The Original Series. The round tufts of fur with eyes and teeth in Stranger’s Wrath are rabid, and when shot at an enemy will proceed to perform damaging bite attacks.

When the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved hit shelves in 2011, the revamp of the 2001 game sold a reported 2.23 million copies, proving that older stories can still excite fans and make sales. The next game in line, Oddworld: New N’ Tasty is set for release sometime in 2014. New N’ Tasty is said to be a recreation of Abe’s Odyssey on a more sophisticated engine.  The Oddworld website says that the new game will have “stunning next-gen 3-D visuals” with new music, and sound effects. Oddworld fans who have spent the last few years can relax knowing that Oddworld Inhabitants may have a comeback on the horizon and instead stay tuned for any further information about a release date for the return of Abe’s Odyssey with fresh graphics and an updated feel.

By Faye Barton





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