Giuliana Rancic Slams Other Reality Shows

 Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is no stranger to Hollywood celebrities and reality shows. She is a regular correspondent on E! News, Fashion Police, and she even has her own reality show, along with her husband of seven years Bill Rancic, called Giuliana and Bill. However, in a new interview Giuliana Rancic is slamming other reality shows and explaining how she and Bill will never be flipping over tables to get ratings.

Giuliana and Bill was featured for six seasons on the Style Network, however, it’s seventh season will debut on E!. The hour-long episodes will follow the family as they navigate the pressures of marriage, busy careers, and parenting their only child Duke. Rancic says that it has always been their dream to have the show on E!,  and that this change has also affected the feeling of the show, making it louder and more fun.

Viewers quickly were drawn to Giuliana’s story and watched as she battled infertility problems and breast cancer. The couple says it is proud that they have been able to help other couples dealing with the same issues. They also feel that in sharing their story, they have made it easier for people to have these conversations without feeling judged. Rancic says that not a day goes by that a woman does not come up to her and thank her for sharing her story. In the reality show industry, stories come out all the time about the shows being scripted or staged for higher ratings. Giuliana Rancic slams other reality shows for selling out to the ratings devil, asserting that they have never put anything on their show that wasn’t actually happening in their lives.

The Rancic’s also confess that they don’t regret anything they have shown on their show. While other reality stars don’t mind having a camera in their bedroom documenting their every move, Giuliana and Bill make it a point not to roll around on the bed making-out in front of the cameras. They admit that they don’t want to see themselves like that, just like their viewers don not. Giuliana goes on to say that she does not enjoy seeing people run around naked and hooking up in showers or hot tubs. She feels that those actions are intimate and should be kept behind closed doors. The couple would rather highlight the challenges in their marriage that have brought them closer together, such as their journey to find a surrogate and have their baby Duke.

Giuliana Rancic’s fans probably agree with her slamming other reality shows for staging scenes to boost ratings. E! also hosts the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which has been extremely popular in past years, but is swiftly loosing ratings due to rumors that a lot of the show is fake and scripted. Giuliana and Bill’s story-line does not need to resort to cheap plots and staged scenes because they deal with real life problems. Even though the Rancic’s are a celebrity couple, they are relatable to viewers because they tackle very real issues. Giuliana Rancic says she won’t watch scripted reality shows any more with fabricated characters and she only watches shows where she is watching someone’s real life.

Opinion by Sara Petersen

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