Godfather House for $135M or Make Them an Offer They Cannot Refuse


The fictional Corleone family schemed there. Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy honeymooned there. Media magnate William Randolph Hearst and silent screen star Marion Davies lived there. Where? The “Beverly House,” a palatial mega-mansion in Beverly Hills which was just put back on the market. The Godfather’s house can be had for a mere $135 million, or if a buyer can make them an offer they cannot refuse.

For those who do not have $135 million, but want to try the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” try renting. The six-acre Beverly House compound is available to lease for the relative bargain price of a mere $600,000 a month.

The Beverly House may not compare in size with Hearst’s other famous home – the one midway up the California coast that is known as Hearst Castle. Now a National Historical Landmark, the house in San Simeon is over 60,000 square feet. However, this little “shack” in Los Angeles County is very impressive.

The terra-cotta-hued mansion was designed based on a hybrid of Italian and Spanish styles. Set on six acres, the H-shaped mansion boasts 50,000 square feet of living space with intricately carved arched ceilings that create the ambience of an art museum, impressive paneled walls and French doors. The living room features a 22-foot-high detailed ceiling, a bar with a garden view, arched floor-to-ceiling windows, and doors leading to a stately library with hand-carved woodwork. A nearby staircase leads to the second-story wrap-around balcony as well as bookshelves. The billiard room has a fireplace featuring a massive carved stone mantelpiece brought from San Simeon and its original herringbone parquet floors. The home’s windows are floor-to-ceiling and face cascading waterfalls, three swimming pools and a pool house with Venetian columns. An outdoor terrace can seat 400 guests for dinner. The Godfather compound also has a tennis court.

For those interested in more traditional house elements, there are reportedly 30 bedrooms in the house. There are 40 bathrooms. Yes, there is a garage – it accommodates eight cars.

If concerned about the commute or nearby shopping, the house is a few blocks from Sunset Boulevard and the Beverly Hills Hotel.  From there, it is an easy commute to Century City, Beverly Hills proper, the San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood and Westwood.

GodfatherBeverly House was built in the 1920s by Milton Getz, a banker. In 1946, Marion Davies purchased the estate for her lover, William Randolph Hearst, who lived there until he died in 1951. Adding more sizzle to the mansion’s story, the home was visited by Senator Kennedy and his bride, Jacqueline, on their honeymoon.

Its most famous tenants, however, were the fictional Corleones. The home was featured in several scenes in The Godfather, including the wedding and the scene with the bloody horse head. It was also featured in the films Into the Night, The Bodyguard and Topaz.

Beverly House has been listed before at different prices, including most recently at $115 million. But a nearby property on a mere five acres sold this past week for $125 million, indicating that the area’s luxury home market is ripe for stupendous sales again after being quiet for a while. To take advantage, the Godfather house was put back on the market for a higher price — $135 million or try to make them an offer they cannot refuse!

By Dyanne Weiss

Los Angeles Times
New York Daily News
CBS Los Angeles

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  1. Joe Cogan   April 6, 2014 at 7:34 am

    A tad inaccurate. The wedding scenes in The Godfather were filmed on Staten Island; the house from the article was used as the home of fictional film producer Jack Woltz.


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