‘Gone Girl’ Trailer Could Be a Sneak Peek at Batman

gone girlWhen Ben Affleck was announced as the next in line to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, the Internet set off flames of distrust. Not that many people have trust that Affleck can do justice to the Batman character. The Gone Girl trailer is freshly released and it seems to give a sneak peek at some elements that could help the arguement that Affleck could be a great Batman.

There has not yet been a role that people can point to and claim that it showcases Affleck as the next perfect Batman. As his resume proves, Affleck is not a bad actor by any means. Of the roles he has played, not many give confidence that Affleck can display the characteristics of a super hero with as many layers as Batman.

Gone Girl could become the movie that Affleck fans can point to when others doubt the actor’s ability to play Batman. This could be the hope that will calm all the bloggers and voices online. Those people only need to view the trailer for Gone Girl to see the sides of the character Affleck will play in the movie as well as how hard it is not to notice the Caped Crusader peeking out from behind his back.

In Gone Girl, Affleck plays a character dealing with the loss of his wife. Batman is forever pained with the loss of his parents and deals with it by becoming a hero and solving crimes. This is the perfect opportunity for Affleck to show that he can convey the feeling of void when someone he loves has gone. This is one of the sneak peeks that the Gone Girl trailer gives as a sign that Affleck could pull off an excellent Batman.

In the trailer, there are scenes that show Affleck acting out anger in both an outburst and a silent scowl. Those scenes in the trailer really became a selling point for Affleck becoming Batman. At times, Batman has to become violent and at other times his scowl says everything you never want to hear. Those moments of anger are what people want to see jump off the comic book pages and land on the big screen.

Also, in the trailer, there seems to be a lot of detective work happening. At times, it appears that Affleck plays a character that goes off and does a little detective work on his own. Batman uses his gadgets and education to be the detective that solves crimes when the police are unable to and it is a major point that the most recent Batman movies have failed to include. This is one attribute that the movie Gone Girl looks to include and there is hope that Affleck is able to use the same performance in the next Batman movie.

The Gone Girl trailer is a sneak peek at the movie that could very well be the reason Warner Brothers chose Affleck to be the next Batman. Warner Brothers has a rocky past with deciding which actor can do justice to the Batman character and there is enough hope to be optimistic about the choice of Affleck.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


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