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Google wishes to make next Tuesday a Google Glass day. This means that a person can actually go to a computer and buy them. So far, only people ,who have been selected by Google, have been lucky enough to purchase these $1500 pair of glasses. The people in this select group are called Explorers.

Next Tuesday, Google is opening their virtual doors to any American that would like to have a pair of these computer glasses. The only qualification needed for a person over 18 is $1500. If a person is a first-time buyer of Google Glass, this person will get free frames as well as sunglasses. Like old-school mail order companies, Google says the supply is limited. At 9 pm, Eastern Standard time, April 15, Americans should run to their computers and should start buying the computer glasses if they could afford them. A person can obtain a reminder of the sale if they register for the sale now with Google.

This is the first year of these computer glass. The year was not an easy one.

These glasses are essentially portable with lenses and a frame. Like a computer with a webcam, they can take photos and record video. The fact that these glasses can record images and videos has made them controversial. People think that these devices can too easily violate the privacy of people. Though computer, laptops and cellphones can do the same thing, these portable computer devices have become the focus of people’s hatred of technology and the way that it can hurt people’s privacy.

One day, a man went into a movie theater, wearing these devices. A person complained since he could easily record the movie that they were about to watch with the glasses. Management was called and they called the police. For some reason, the police called Homeland Security. Homeland came to the movie theater and questioned the man for an hour. Homeland did not arrest him, but the man certainly got the message that he should not record the movie.

In San Francisco, bars are thinking of banning these computer glasses. The bar staff thinks that the glass could be utilized to violate the privacy of their customers. Customers have been verbally assaulting Explorers that they are members of the computer elite. Explorers are a member of the one percent and are looking down on other people. The verbal assaulters have found a derogatory name for wearers of these devices and it is “Glasshole.” Bar staff are afraid that there are going to be fights because of these devices. These verbal assaulters would probably not like a Google Glass day.

The Explorers are wearing a pair of glasses that have a little computer screen in the lens of the right eye. Using their voice or a small pad on one side of the glass, a person operates the computer. The computer accesses the Internet as well as the apps on the tiny computer screen. There is a tiny camera that a person can record 720P of video or take photos. If a person is a Star Trek fan, the glasses do look like something that the Borg would wear. Google is a having a special Google Glass day for Americans over 18. Google wants the second year of these glasses to be a better one.

By Tom Clark

NY Times (Bits Blog)

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  1. Bemer   April 13, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Gonna bang my girlfriend and record it with these. 720p is better than most free porn.


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