Google Glass Sees the Ugly Side of Wearable Tech

googleGoogle Glass has set itself as a piece of futuristic hardware. Wearing a piece of eyewear and viewing web content on the little screens seem so futuristic that it almost does not seem real. Even though Google Glass is a real-world technology advancement, the ugly side of wearable tech is coming out and Google Glass is there to capture it all.

As Google Glass has the same core apps and functions of an Android device, it is meant to give the user the same assistance that the user is used to. The only difference is that instead of carrying a device and looking down at a device, the screen is seen through a small screen right above the right eye. Also, instead of using a touch screen, the eyewear uses a thin touch pad on the right side.

People who have not seen the Google Glass eyewear before can be confused by what they are and the functions they are meant to offer. There is also a bit of controversy in the camera attached to the device and the belief that the camera is always on. Out in public, the camera can make people feel a bit uneasy as they feel that eyewear is capturing everything that it is pointed at. The camera has given Google Glass the opposition of appearing anything but personal.

The fact that the eyewear does not include any type of eye lenses further distances itself from normal looking glasses. It instead makes the wearer look as though they are wearing a part of a science-fiction costume. Google Glass is supposed to give the user a new way to “see” the world they live in, but instead the camera shows them the ugly side of wearable tech.

If Google made the Google Glass available to further users, there would be a chance of wider acceptance. Google classifies Glass as a product still in testing, so it has people who want of pair sign up to be put on a wait list. For now, videos and photographs from the select few who own a pair is as close as most people are going to get to seeing how the device truly works.

Perhaps part of the blame relies on the user. Maybe Google needs to educate their users when to put them away. Is it possible that Google Glass is not meant to be worn at all times or worn in a public place? Local establishments are banning the use of Glass as owners and customers see the devices as an invasion of people’s privacy. When Glass users refuse to take off their eyewear, there are reports of Glass users being attacked.

There is still a long way to go for Google Glass to be accepted as normal headwear. Unfortunately, even though this is the start of what is sure to be more wearable technology, there is a huge push against it now. It is an ugly time when wearable tech such as Google Glass is seeing the negative response that it is. Technology is already a big part of people’s lives. Do they really want technology to be a part of their daily outfit as well?

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


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