Google Glass Will Be Available to the Public for One Day Only

Google GlassFor one day only, Google Glass will finally be available to the public. However, users who hope to get their hands on the device will need to live in the United States and have $1,500 to spare.

The update about the special day was leaked yesterday by The Verge. After that, Google decided it needed to release a statement; something that it was not planning to do until next week. The release date will be on April 15, and users can sign up for reminder emails to make sure they do not miss out.

Google Glass is currently available under the Explorer Program. Only those who have been invited to take part have gotten their hands on the device. However, with all the hype and news, almost everyone wants to at least be able to try it out. The tech giant has looked into various ways to expand this program, even though the device is not currently ready for the mainstream market.

The Explorer Program has worked out extremely well so far for the company. New developments have been made, and additional specifications have been added. Some of these new developments will be available for the flash sale, including sunglasses and prescription lenses for those who prefer or require them. Designer frames are also available for those who prefer that idea.

The one day only sale of Google Glass will be available to the public on April 15 from 6am PDT. Users will need to pay the $1,500 plus tax for the glasses, and there is a limited number available. For many, it will be worth signing up for the reminder just to make sure they do not miss out. This is likely to be a major event and websites are likely to crash, judging off the popularity of previous Google products.

The Verge got hold of a proposal that did not have all the details fleshed out. There was a question mark against the idea of holding the event for a day, suggesting that it could have been for a shorter period of time to get those really interested in joining the Explorer Program. Of course, the timing could have been expanded to help people get hold of the money first. If the announcement was much later, some people would have needed much more time to make sure they had $1,500 to spend on the device.

This is possibly the only time that Google will open up the Explorer Program to everyone. It has come as a surprise too. This is the first time the tech giant has opened up the Explorer Program to everyone, and made no hints beforehand that this could happen. The tech giant is usually quiet about products, as noted with the Google Nexus lately.

A number of people are not happy with the move. They view the price as still too high. Considering the short notice, it has definitely meant that a number of fans will still have to wait. The device is expected to go on sale to the public by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. However, for now people have one day only as Google Glass is available to the public.

By Alexandria Ingham


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