Facebook Changes Again to Combat Spammy Newsfeeds

FacebookMore and more people are complaining about spammy Facebook newsfeeds, and it has prompted changes again to the social media giant. The good news is that most people will not notice the change, except to find that more relevant, helpful and interesting posts show up on the feed.

The social media site acknowledges that there are now more like-baiting and spammy posts showing up in newsfeeds. This is happening due to the algorithm, as more and more businesses find ways around previous changes.

Like-baiting is used by a number of businesses as a way to circulate through more newsfeeds. The idea is that people comment or like a post, which then shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds who will comment or like too. A number of people have complained about the setup. They do not want to know the things their friends comment on or like. They want to see their friends’ personal posts on their Facebook newsfeed.

Some of the like-baiting posts include photos of different things. Users are then to like, comment or share depending on the photo they like or the opinion they agree with. Some of the photos are simple one taken from Google, while others are about hot movies, TV shows and books currently circulating.

This is not the first time the algorithm has changed for the newsfeeds. In fact, this is the third change in less than six months. Facebook wants to change again to combat the spammy newsfeeds, but there is no guarantee it will work. Businesses and internet marketers are sure to find a way around once they understand the way the algorithm work.

In December last year, the algorithm was changed so that more news showed up in users’ feeds. People wanted to see posts that they could read and engage with. In February it was slightly tweaked so that more celebrities and brands could reach people who were not following them.

The current change is something personal users will like. However, a number of businesses are now worried. It is already difficult to reach a large number of people who like pages; let alone try to get new people to click the like button.

The only businesses that need to worry are those who share spammy links, take part in like-baiting or post duplicate content. Facebook is looking into reducing the amount of content that people see over and over again, usually from news publications that are all sharing the same information, videos or photos. This is another complaint that the social network’s users have complained about.

However, one issue that people are complaining about that has not been addressed is the old content that pushes to the top of newsfeeds when someone interacts on it. This is not just for pages, but personal status updates and photos. Unless something is done about this, people are still going to see the same things over and over again.

The updates are going to be great for some, but have seen negative comments already from others. The issue is for internet marketers who already find it hard to reach the majority of their fan bases. However, Facebook stands by its changes yet again as a way to combat the amount of spam currently in newsfeeds.

By Alexandria Ingham





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