‘Grand Theft Auto’ Makes Teenager $40,000 Per Year

Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto is currently making a British teenager around £24,000 ($40,000) per year. It is all from the videos he has created and placed on YouTube, and something that many other people can learn from and mimic.

Seventeen-year-old Fred Pye originally started making videos of his gaming to help others who needed tips and tricks to get to the next levels, or complete the challenges. He is technically still too young to play the Xbox game, but it has not stopped him from enjoying it and then profiting from it.

He placed his videos on the popular video sharing website, YouTube, and now has almost 140,000 subscribers. His Grand Theft Auto and other gaming videos have been watched over 22 million times and he says he is earning around £2,000 (about $3,300) per month from the advertisements that show up on his videos.

It originally started with Call of Duty, but he eventually moved onto other Xbox games. It was some fun to start with, and he has now realized just how profitable it can be.

However, it is not for everyone. Pye admitted that it takes around three hours of game play to create one video. He has been working on the account for the last two and a half years though now, and his parents fully support him in his endeavors. After all, it has led to the teenager making around $40,000 per year by playing Grand Theft Auto and other computer games.

This is not all the 17-year-old gets up to. He is currently studying towards four A-levels at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, in English, history, advanced math and politics. Before he starts working on his videos, he always makes sure his homework is completed and required amount of studying is completed. He has also admitted that it can be hard to find a balance, though.

However, he will not go straight to university. His plans are to take a gap year, and the decide his future path. He does plan to place more videos up onto his account NoughtPointFourLive while taking the year out of study.

Pye has recently spoken out about the success and explained that his friends made fun of the idea at first. However, he expected it but did not let it stop him from continuing to upload the videos. He can now say that his efforts have not been completely in vain. The videos will continue to make him money without him needing to do anything.

While the idea behind the videos is to help people reach the next levels in the different games, they also help users save time trying to find the hidden pieces. Most walk-through tips are written articles because they are easier to create, and it is refreshing for many video gamers to find actual videos to help them that they can follow as they play.

It just goes to show that something created for fun can turn into a lucrative adventure. Grand Theft Auto has made one teenager $40,000 per year, and there are probably plenty more out there benefitting through advertising revenue and residual income.

By Alexandria Ingham



Daily Mail