Graphene Is the Savior of Clumsy Phone Users


Graphene has not been in the vocabulary of phone users for very long. First discovered ten years ago, graphene is now deemed the strongest material in the world and is completely flexible. By this definition alone graphene would be an excellent material for building a phone capable of withstanding clumsy phone use; in fact, graphene may just be the savior of cell phone users everywhere.

Samsung’s technology team has been researching ways to utilize graphene in phone models, to replace silicon. If Samsung works out all of the kinks in this advancement then the phone company would start creating cell phones that are indestructible. Because graphene is much stronger than diamond and much lighter than steel, as well as an excellent conductor for heat and electricity, the successful implementation of this carbon material would mean many more graphene-made products would hit the shelves.

Graphene is a phenomenon within the scientific community. It is composed of a one-atom thick layer of carbon that looks like the image above. If graphene’s full potential is harnessed by scientists the speed of technology would be forever changed. Uploading would have the possibility of increasing to one terabit per second and charging a cell phone would take no longer than five minutes. Not only would graphene be the savior of clumsy phone users, it would also become a very useful tool for troubles of mankind. Researchers are developing graphene to be used as a salt water filter, meaning the oceans’ water would be safe to drink. Also, there are speculations that graphene could clean up radioactive waste by clumping it for easier disposal. For now, though, researchers are just getting to know graphene so progression is fastest with phone technology.

Not a day goes by that a consumer does not drop a phone to its death. Cell phones and tablets are unfortunately very easy to destroy. Cell phones are accidentally dropped, on the ground and in water; kicked; stepped on and chewed on by pets. Their current make is not forgiving of a clumsy phone user; it is a very good thing that graphene may be the savior of negligence.

Graphene is an extremely thin material and is completely see-through. It is capable of withstanding extreme pressure and is almost impossible to break. However, there are some downfalls to its design. It continuously conducts energy and researchers have not yet found a way to turn this conduction off, meaning the energy flow cannot be controlled. In terms of using this material for consumer phones, this is a large problem. Until this and a few other kinks are worked out graphene will not be seen on the market.

Researchers are constantly working on graphene production, hurriedly trying to get this product to market in the guise of cell phones and other devices. Graphene’s debut may be years away; though, when it does surface it will undoubtedly be the savior of clumsy¬†cell phone and tablet users everywhere, not to mention a strong contender for changing how the world utilizes resources.

By Courtney Heitter

Tech Times

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