Guess Who Will Be Using Twitter Now?


Guess who will be using Twitter now? One of the most famous clowns in the world, recognized by both young and adults alike: Ronald McDonalds! Interestingly, Ronald will not have his own twitter account but will be “occasionally” tweeting for the brand with the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald.

According to the firm, it would be “smarter for the brand to keep Ronald from having his own Twitter account for now” because it would be “pretty embarrassing” if the firm launched a new Twitter account for the mascot and there were no followers on it. Seems like the fast food chain does not really have faith in the popularity of their spokesclown!

Moving on, for everyone who had correctly guessed who will be using Twitter from now on and are excited about the prospect, it will be the first time that Ronald will be active on the social media and he plans to post videos and photos of himself – with the most important of them all, selfies!

In an official statement of the firm, the fictional clown was quoted to say: “Selfies … here I come! It’s a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do … I’m ready to show how fun can make great things happen.” Ronald will also be making television appearances in advertisements later this year, the firm said.

Meanwhile, the introduction to Twitter for Ronald came along with a new look as the mascot focuses on being more modern, social media friendly and a better spokesclown for one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

The clown has been under fire in recent times by a group called Corporate Accountability International for being used to market to children. However, McDonald’s said on Wednesday that Ronald “represents the magic and happiness” of the firm.

The famous mascot has revamped his look to a more modern and professional one, shedding away his decades old overalls/harem pants combo for a jacket, striped shirt and cuffed trousers. Ronald’s hairstyle has also changed and looks tamer, brushed and has possibly been gelled. However, his big iconic shoes remain the same. McDonald’s unveiled the clown’s new look on Apr. 23 on their Twitter account. The firm also provided a link to a Youtube video on their Twitter account, which shows the mascot’s transformation.

A news report of The Daily News informed Ronald’s new ado was designed by Broadway costume designer, Ann Hould-Ward. She is the same lady who won a Tony award for Beauty and the Beast.

Meanwhile, social media websites and blogs took to ask their users to vote on whether or not they like the new look of Ronald. Interestingly, the response has been pretty equal with 50 percent of the users voting they like the look and the same percentage of voters saying they preferred the old look.

The revamp has come at a time when McDonald’s is facing tough competition from rival fast food chains, particularly Taco Bell, which has been marketing their new breakfast offerings by directly hitting on McDonald’s, which has been the leader in quick service breakfast business for decades now. With the revamp, McDonald’s is probably hoping to ease down the criticisms and boost its menu sales. Meanwhile, the firm further said that franchise owners would be able to incorporate the revamped Ronald over the next few years.

It remains to be seen what rival fast food chains will do in reaction to McDonald’s latest move since many of them do not have a mascot. Will they also present a ‘face’ for their Twitter handles? Do consumers need to continue the guessing game of who will be using Twitter now for these rival firms? The fast food businesses battle just keeps getting more interesting!

By Faryal Najeeb


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