Hamas-Fatah Sign Unity Pact, Netanyahu Calls Emergency Meeting to Respond

HamasHamas has signed a unity pact with Fatah, in yet another attempt at Palestinian unification with aims at a two state solution. As the Hamas-Fatah pact was publicized however, Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of his security cabinet to determine exactly how Israel would respond to the move. To Israel and Netanyahu, the move by Abbas and his Fatah party appears to be a stepĀ in the opposite direction of peace. Netanyahu has already stated in very clear terms that Abbas needs to decide whether he wishes to have peace with Israel or peace with Hamas. According to Israel and its chief, Abbas can have one or the other, but not both.

In the most daunting peace process of perhaps a millennium, the latest news of a Fatah-Hamas pact appears to have complicated an already volatile situation. Israel, whose claim to the land stems from an Abrahamic covenant, which Palestinians along with the greater Islamic world (specifically Hamas) clearly do not recognize or respect, has been pushed and pulled by the international community to seek some sort of peace with a community of nations and people, some of whom have sworn to pursue its destruction. Lasting peace with individuals who have sworn to pursue one’s complete annihilation would appear to many to be an impossible task. Israel, and Netanyahu, encouraged by Kerry and the US however have endeavored to exactly these ends. The process has cruised along, herky0-jerky, hitting speed bumps and potholes along the way, and as of today appears to have come up against quite a significant obstacle.

Hamas split with Abbas’ Fatah party in dramatic fashion some years ago in 2007, and although attempts at reconciliation have been made since, none have managed to really bring the two factions together with any lasting cohesion. The latest Hamas-Fatah pact however, is being hailed as a groundbreaking, and the two groups are hoping that it will assist Palestinians in negotiating towards a two-state solution. Israel and Netanyahu, feel otherwise.

Israel snubbed a negotiations meeting scheduled for Wednesday after news of the deal was circulated. In fact, as the Hamas-Fatah pact was publicized, Netanyahu instead of attending the Wednesday meeting, called an emergency meeting with his security council to determine what the response would be to the pact. Israel’s perspective is that there can be no peace with a group like Hamas which openly calls for the destruction of the Israeli peoples and wishes to remove the nation from off of the map, returning the region to its pre-1948 state. Not too far back in history however, as the land was historically inhabited by the hebrew-Isrealites per the Abrahamic covenant referenced in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

This very topic has arisen in past peace talks, prompting Palestinian negotiators to reference that the land was once Canaan, prior to the “occupation” by Israel of the land of the Canaanites. The one detail in the dispute then would appear to be the authenticity of the “Abrahamic covenant” or the authority of the One who made it with Abraham. The discussion continues in modern-times however, and the Hamas-Fatah pact is the latest in a tumultuous “peace” process that has moved Netanyahu to call an emergency meeting with his security council.

It is yet unclear how Israel will respond to the landmark news. Netanyahu has complained to Kerry regarding the unity pact, and it would appear from statements made by Israel’s leader that there will not be a positive response from Israel regarding the unity pact. The US and EU both view Hamas to be a terrorist organization which has incited significant violence in the past. Both the US and EU have in fact formally listed Hamas as a terrorist group, and Netanyahu has not been shy in pointing out his concurrence with the classification.

The latest in a region plagued by violence and tumult, is that Hamas and Fatah have signed a unity pact, prompting Netanyahu to call an emergency meeting with his security council. The greater international community awaits to see what Israel’s response will be to the latest attempt to bring about Palestinian Unity. The Palestinian Unity being sought however, includes Hamas, a detail that has met with ‘disappointment’ from the US and condemnation from Israel. Time shall tell what the signing of the Unity Pact will do for the elusive peace being sought in the region.

By Daniel Worku

LA Times






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