Hate Crime Website Linked to Murder

Hate CrimeThe murder of three Jewish people in Kansas by Frazier Glenn Cross has been linked to a website that thrives on racial division. The website called Stormfront, is exactly like it is called, a front for the storm of hate crimes. The website is linked to multiple murders that are considered hate crimes.

One would think we are past this in our society. Those who creep in the background with their hate have no real place in today’s society. What they are doing on-line is not against the law, since it is just a gathering place, but the website has led to members committing murder.

It has been reported that almost 100 murders have been linked so far to the website members and followers. The registered users have participated in hateful talk about anyone not of white origin.

Most of the daily viewers are from outside the United States, but there is a core of individuals who run the sites agenda that are in the US. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported that they know who the people are that are going to commit these hate crimes. The Website has been linked to the murders, hate crimes committed by Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in Norway and Wade Michael Page who has killed six people in Wisconsin.

It is not clear why the site has not been under surveillance to catch these criminals in the planning stage of their hate crimes. The first amendment does protect their freedom of speech rights but it does not protect them from the law. It is called conspiracy to commit murder and anyone who participated in the planning of a murder is guilty of hate crimes. The site will more than likely be put under a microscope, checking for any other possible links to crimes in the past or possibly ones that have not yet been committed.

The problem is that these individuals are not stupid and will find another meetings site before long. The Federal government is not technically allowed to watch American citizens without probable cause but they have no reason for not watching the many members outside of the country. By monitoring them, they will be able to monitor those who they are in contact with. This can give the government the ability to gain warrants in a legal manners against those who are in America participating in these hate crimes.

The website was discovered some time ago but did not become public until Cross had committed the murders at a Jewish community center earlier this month. Cross had apparently been pushed out from the site but still carried the ties to his hateful brotherhood. During the hate crimes Cross committed, he yelled racial slurs and then murdered three innocent people.

It is not clear if the website has been shut down or if it is up and running. The idea that there is information linking the website and its members to hate crimes like murder is enough for the government to shut it down. Anything that promotes hate crime is at the mercy of the government. Looking into these individuals will be a priority, bringing those who are responsible to justice.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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