Xbox One Could Still Win

xbox oneWith Sony pulling ahead in console sales, it would seem that the Xbox One is doomed to play the part of the console left behind. Looking ahead, the Xbox One still has some improvements to make before it could win the console wars.

Gamers are confused by the Xbox One. The machine could be a video game console or the machine could be a cable box. Microsoft has failed to convey what the machine is really supposed to do. The truth is that gamers just want a gaming console that has a few extras. People that do watch cable television do not see the need to have a gaming console attached to their cable box. Microsoft is trying too hard to make the Xbox One half-and-half.

The good news is that Microsoft still has a chance to change all of that. It is still early in the consoles’ life and the ability to make the console a true gaming machine can still happen.

When the Kinect works, it works really well. The latest Kinect 2 still has some bugs that need to be addressed, but the technology is still growing. Microsoft made a smart move by including the Kinect 2 with the Xbox One because it means that game developers are now forced to continue to work with the motion controller and make it work with their games. The Kinect 2 is no longer a novelty that game companies may have added to their titles. The Kinect 2 is now a standard controller that has the ability to do things a gamepad is not capable of.

The small library of games make the console play like a cable box. There is more television and video to watch on the console than there is games to play. At the moment, only the television aspect of the machine can fully be experienced and it leaves the game tray feeling empty. There is not enough games released yet to see if the library has any shortcomings. Though Titanfall came and exploded onto the Xbox One, it is also still too early to see what other games hit it big. The game library will continue to grow and gamers will have to wait to see if the Xbox One is a healthy investment.

One way that the Xbox One could win the consoles is if gamers still believe that Microsoft still has their best interest in mind. Microsoft is one company that tries new things, but then pulls them back to please the users.

Microsoft is listening to the gamers. When it was announced that the Xbox One would be an always-online machine, everyone went ballistic. Microsoft listened and reversed that decision. When gamers want features and additions, Microsoft hears what they say and tries to make them happen. Updates to the console prove that gamers are being heard as a list of improvements are made.

The Xbox One is still an incomplete console. Almost every aspect of the console can be improved with updates to the system. Interfaces, game modes, profiles, media playback, and storage capability can all change over time. Microsoft’s previous gaming console, the Xbox 360, ended up being an almost completely different console than when it started. Most of those changes came from software updated to the machine and the same can be done to the Xbox One. The Xbox One still has the holidays to show what type of console could be and try to secure the win. If all of the additions and changes are made by that time, the sales at the end of the year could put the Xbox One right on top.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


One Response to "Xbox One Could Still Win"

  1. Senesmit   April 21, 2014 at 6:48 am

    You forgot to mention The Xbox One is currently only available in 13 country’s compared to the PS4 which is available in 50.
    There is no way around the fact that until it get’s it’s worldwide launch in September numbers mean NOTHING.

    It’s a marathon not sprint you are talking 8 years not 8 months.


    “The small library of games make the console play like a cable box. There is more television and video to watch on the console than there is games to play.”

    That comment applies more so to the PS4 than the Xbox One.


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