Heart Disease and Other Ailments Avoided by Mood Enhancement

Heart Disease

The number one killer in this day and time is heart disease. Claiming 600,000 lives every year, heart disease accounts for 1 of every 4 deaths that occur worldwide. Statistics this shocking warrant attention and in order to reverse the current trend, changes must occur. Lifestyle choices have much to do with the prevalence of cardiac illnesses , though some of these defects are purely genetic.

Regardless of whether an individual suffers from heart defects that are hereditary or whether they are the consequence of poor lifestyle choices, the risks of developing or exacerbating an inherited condition can be significantly lowered by the power of mood enhancement. Believe it or not, the emotional state of an individual has the power to make or break the condition of the heart.

While it is common knowledge that stress places an excess burden on the heart, it is often difficult, if not impossible to eliminate those factors in one’s life that are conducive to the stress that is being experienced. There is, however, power in the ability to minimize stress by changing the response to that particular stressor.

Heart disease, and other ailments can be lessened in intensity or even avoided altogether by adopting healthy thinking in addition to dietary and other medical interventions as prescribed by a physician. The mind has the ability to chart a course for the body to follow.

Depression, anxiety, or any type of stressful emotion actually fuels the bodily responses for failure. In fact, studies done by the Mayo Clinic revealed that the effects of laughter have an overall positive impact on the body, both in the short and long-term.

The advantageous effects that laughter has on the body are numerous. It can repair faulty immune systems, recharge the functions of failing organs, and actually reroute the chemical responses in the brain that promote a healthier outlook on life.

Depression and anxiety, even in understandably discouraging situations, actually have an opposite effect on the body and can increase the risk of developing heart disease by 40% in an otherwise healthy individual. Equally frightening, is the power behind depression not only to debilitate, but to kill.

The body operates according to the instructions the brain relays. If the brain relays negative information to the body, the body will respond negatively. Therefore, the organs will inadvertently receive a message that there is no longer a need for survival because the brain is communicating death and illness.

If the brain sends positive information to the body, the body works tirelessly to mend the organs. While necessary medications and other lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and exercise are key to achieving health first and foremost, any lifestyle changes for the better simply cannot prevail if a positive attitude is not enforced.

Stress, depression, and anxiety actually deaden the tissues of the cardiac muscle, which over time develops into heart disease and many other illnesses. While eliminating stress from everyday life might prove impossible, adopting a positive response will allow an individual to not only cope with present circumstances, but alleviate unnecessary risk to the body.

Positive thoughts and an overall attitude that embraces joy and places little to no priority on pain and strife do much to encourage life and exuberance both inside and outside the body. Beneficial changes greatly reduce the effects of heart disease and various other maladies and have the ability to stave off its onset.

J.A. Johnson



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