‘Hobbit’ Third Installment Gets New Name

hobbitPeter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has confirmed on Facebook that the third installment of The Hobbit series is getting a new name. The film, originally titled There and Back Again, has been retitled as The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Rumors of a possible name change had been circulating around the Internet for the last week or so, and Jackson took to social media to release an official statement confirming those whispers floating around the dark corners of the web to be true.

Jackson, who has helmed all of the films in Tolkien’s canon to date, stated that the journey to make the latest trilogy has mirrored Bilbo’s own adventurous trek, with hidden paths and secrets only coming to light as the process has moved forward. The award-winning director went on to say that the original title, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, felt like an appropriate name for a two-film series, but seeing as how the “there” mentioned in the title was reached by Bilbo in the second installment, it would not have fit as well for the name of the final sequel.

According to Jackson, he had a meeting with studio executives during the premiere of The Desolation of Smaug, where the idea of renaming the third film in the trilogy was brought up for discussion. During their talks, both the director and studio decided to hold off on any name changes until a rough cut of the movie could be viewed. Upon watching the first cut, all agreed that a name change was necessary, thus the third installment of The Hobbit gets a new name.

In the full statement Jackson released on Facebook, he mentions that he is hard at working chopping, cutting, and clipping the film into the final product that will no doubt prove to be a big success at the box office come December 12. The Lord of the Rings director also announced that fans could expect more updates about the latest film in the coming months, stating that it was going to be a fun year for lovers of the universe that Tolkien built.

Many fans of the series have been skeptical about the idea of the original novel being split into three films, as the whole premise the final movie is based on lasts only a few pages in the book. Some feel that creating a trilogy is just a means to make more money off of the franchise, while others were okay with the idea of the film, but not the recent name change, citing that it makes the movie sound like an empty-headed action flick. Will The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies be just another  gigantic CGI battle scene with body parts flying in the wind?

With Peter Jackson, an Academy Award winning director, being the head cheese on the project, that is doubtful. Jackson has a deep respect for the work of Tolkien, as is evidenced by his careful handling of the Lord of the Rings series and his faithfulness to the source material. While The Hobbit series has not been quite as well received as the original trilogy, Jackson is still faithfully translating the novel to the big screen, so the final film will more than likely be an epic, fitting conclusion that will entertain fans of all ages.

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