Honda HR-V Revealed in New York

Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V has been revealed at the 2014 New York Auto Show this past week. The latest crossover vehicle will arrive later in the winter, and at the moment, only photographs and speculation are available. Honda only revealed the HR-V and did not give too many details. The only expression they gave was that it was inside the same class as the Fit. The Honda HR-V resembles the Urban SUV Concept that Honda revealed at last year’s New York Auto Show with a simpler overall look. Honda made it a point to give the HR-V a more traditional styling to show that the crossover vehicle is going back to compact SUV bare concept.

Honda only brought photos to the show and left most of the details for reporters to guess. By putting it in the same class as the Fit, drivers can expect the Honda HR-V to come with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, but drivers should not expect a hybrid version. Keeping along with the Fit, the HR-V should have EPA ratings of 36 mpg combined, 33 mpg in the city, and 41 mpg for the highway in CVT mode.

The HR-V will have plenty of the same features as the CR-V including the Magic Seat system, which will give owners different seat configuration for larger cargo space. In Long Mode, owners can place the front passenger and rear seats down to transport long, linear cargo securely inside the vehicle. Utility Mode allows for the rear seats to be placed flat down to have full use of the cargo space in the vehicle. In Tail mode, owners pull back the rear seats into an upright position for items that need to be placed on the floor and have plenty of room above.

Reporters at the New York Auto Show noticed that when Honda revealed the HR-V, it resembled the Vezel already available in Japan. This is leading people to believe that the Honda HR-V will just be the American version of that vehicle and used photos of the Vezel to gain a hint at how the interior might look. With only a large touchscreen display and side vents taking up room, the cabin is neatly designed. The dashboard is driver-focused and the layout downplays any extras the driver may not need.

The HR-V will be cheaper and smaller than the CR-V when it arrives later this year. Many drivers felt the CR-V added too many features and became inflated version of the vehicle it started as. The HR-V is Honda’s answer to bring back an affordable compact SUV.

With the HR-V being built upon the structure of the Fit, it would only make sense that both vehicles will be built inside the same factory. Both the Fit and the HR-V will be manufactured at the new North American manufacturing facility in Celaya, Mexico. Honda claims the location helps meet market demand through production flexibility. The reveal of the Honda HR-V at the New York Auto Show definitely had people talking. More final details will be available later this year and people are hoping that the vehicle makes an appearance at the LA Auto Show in November.

By Raul Hernandez

NY Times

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