House of Cards Wins Peabody Award for Netflix

 House of Cards

Netflix’s two hit shows, House of Cards and Orange is The New Black, have both won a prestigious Peabody Award. The Peabody Awards gave out a record number of 46 awards this year, recognizing the best in radio, Internet broadcasting, and television. This is the 73rd year the Peabody Awards have chosen to honor shows based on excellence. There are no set categories and everything from scripted dramas to news reports are considered. Jeffery Jones, director of The Peabody Awards, said he is pleased that the quality of storytelling continues to grow year after year. He goes on the state that the reason there are so many awards given out this year is because the Peabody panel felt that each show deserved the attention and recognition.

Netflix’s House of Cards takes viewers behind the scenes in Washington, D.C, where laws are made, power is cultivated, and lines are continually crossed. The show’s main character, Frank Underwood, is followed on his journey to go all the way to the top in Congress, and he will let nothing or no one stop him. This show is a great political drama, completed by a wonderful cast, and it has been ratings gold for Netflix. Loyal viewers are not surprised that House of Cards was among Netflix’s winners for the Peabody Awards.

Netflix’s other show, Orange is the New Black, has also gained a huge fan base since being released.  The show is about an affluent white woman who is sent to prison after selling drugs with her lesbian lover. It follows her experiences in prison, and highlights the stories of the other women she encounters. The show is praised for its complexity, character study, and insights into race, politics, femininity, and power struggles inside the prison walls.

These two shows have been big hits for Netflix, not only because they are done so well, but because Netflix allows the entire season to come out at once, letting viewers consume as much or as little as they like. The Peabody panel praised Netflix’s approach, saying it has taken binge watching to an entirely different level and changed the idea that television shows need a prime time slot.

Other shows that also received a Peabody award were Breaking Bad, Scandal, The Central Park Five, The Bridge, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and Broadchurch, just to name a few. A personal award was also given to Tom Brokaw, a reporter and anchor for NBC Nightly News. Brokaw has enjoyed not only a successful career, but also many TV projects and celebrated books.

The Peabody Awards are chosen by The University of Georgia Grady school of Journalism. They will be handed out on May 19th, and the ceremony will be aired in New York on Pivot at a later date. Views undoubtedly hope that with Netflix winning the Peabody Award for House of Cards and Orange is The New Black, it will encourage the production of even more great shows for viewers to binge watch on Netflix.

By Sara Petersen


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