Hunger to Fight for the UFC not There for the Diaz Brothers


Both Nate and Nick Diaz have talked themselves into quite the situation in the past week or so, with both stating either pay up UFC or else. Both have their own variety of punishment for the organization they work for. Nick Diaz may opt to stay retired and Nate has requested his release from the company, unless they get what they feel they rightfully deserve. The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president, Dana White, has not budged from his stance with either fighter, simply putting, they both had their opportunity to receive a pay raise with championship fights, and they both lost. At the end of the interview, Dana White particularly made it simple for the both of them; get back to work. The Diaz brothers might, but it may have to be at the cost of leaving UFC, and receiving a pay check somewhere else.

UFCNick Diaz had quite an intriguing interview with MMA Fighting’s own Ariel Helwani, about his foreseeable future in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and also touching on his brother’s issues as well. The Stockton known bad boy made the most startling statement in the interview when he said he has never loved fighting nor put his heart into it, in or out of a UFC cage. The money isn’t worth the beating in Diaz’s eyes, and has been looking to renegotiate his contract ever since he lost his title match to Georges St. Pierre, over a year ago. It’s title shot, more money, or bust for the older Diaz brother, and it does not look like he will be budging anytime soon on that stance. He was just recently offered a fight with Hector Lombard, which reports have come out stating that a fight between the two is very unlikely. His hunger is not there, his heart is not there, and the money is not there to tempt Stockton’s own, to step back into a cage.

UFCThe UFC may have somewhat of an easier attempt of getting Nick’s younger brother, Nate, back into the cage. If they would only ante up the contract for the former Ultimate Fighter winner, then he would not hesitate to step right back in. Both Diaz brothers are highly entertaining to watch inside an octagon, and provide plenty of flair and attitude leading up to their mutual events. Nate Diaz is coming off a devastating K.O. victory over former lightweight title challenger, Greg Maynard; and is only three fights removed from his own UFC lightwight title shot that he lost to former title holder, Benson Henderson. His gripe comes at the short end of the stick though, as Nate signed a new contract only 18 months ago. A ‘Knockout of the Night’ honor over a top 10 opponent is a step in the right direction; but it would be wise for Nate Diaz ┬áto at least have another comparable performance before making such demands. The talents are there, and the younger Diaz brother has yet to scratch the surface of his full potential. Making a fighter like himself very valuable if he is allowed to test the open market.

Either the fans love them or hate ’em, but spectators cannot deny, the Diaz brothers are two of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. Whether if it’s the taunting, the middle fingers, or the outlandish F-bombs being dropped during most of their interviews, they provide a different brand of fighter to the organization. Sooner or later this was bound to happen with fighters, few have made slight comments; but not many have came outright with their views as both Nate and Nick have. A now billion dollar company, paying fighters chump change for risking their lives every weekend is a risky move with other competitors on the rise. The UFC needs more then just their champions to create an exciting fight card; entertainers of the brand such as the Diaz bros may have created an argument for many others to use, and the time is just about right for fighters to make their stand in the promotion.

Commentary by Justin Huffman



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2 Responses to "Hunger to Fight for the UFC not There for the Diaz Brothers"

  1. Justin Huffman   April 10, 2014 at 4:16 am

    How did you come to that conclusion from what was written Bobby? Read the last paragraph and go listen to the interviews Nick and Nate have done the past week and watch the video, This article supports the fighters themselves more then anything.

  2. Bobby Weller (@bwellerr)   April 10, 2014 at 1:47 am

    I’m guessing whoever wrote this is best friends the Ferttitas and the UFC? Saying that the hunger to fight isn’t there just because the Diaz brothers don’t want to get screwed is ridiculous. Nate brings the UFC millions from one fight, and he’s only guaranteed $60,000. Both brothers are tired of being screwed over.


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