iPhone Era of Innovation

iPhoneSince the release of the first iPhone in 2007, the iPhone era of innovation has exploded from an updated version of the iPod to a technological revolution. Since day one Apple has always strived to be bigger and better, always a step ahead of the competition in everything they fixed their eyes on. With eight models of the iPhone under their belt, Apple is now ready to introduce what most have deemed the most anticipated Apple smartphone ever, the iPhone 6.

The Internet has been in an uproar since the iPhone 5 hit the stores with rumors, speculations, and outright lies in regards to the next step in the iPhone evolution. Talks of applications, features, designs, as well as other products coming out to compliment the new device has sweep the vial media. One of the biggest features stated to be available with the iPhone 6 is a larger screen which most believe this is so Apple can better compete with the Samsung Galaxy. With the arrival of a larger screen critics believe the iPhone 6 will hurt the sale of the iPad mini, but many do not think Apple is breaking a sweat it this regards.

Other features talked about with the iPhone 6 is a rounded edge, as well as a curved glass display, although there have been slightly different talks in terms of the display. Bloomberg noted in December of 2013 that Apple was working on two different versions of the phone, both sporting the large curved screens. While The Wall Street Journal, in January of this year said that Apple would not be using a curved display in its devices. Either way this newest model to the Apple dynasty will cement the iPhone era of innovation for years to come.

Besides the display it is also expected to include a thinner, bezel-free design, the famous Touch ID fingerprint sensor debuted in the 5S, a faster A8 processor, and an upgraded camera with optical image stabilization. The device is also expected to debut with Apple’s latest iOS 8 mobile operating systems, which most are hoping it will feature enhancements to Siri, iCloud, and to Maps making the iPhone 6 a major power player in what can possible forever be known as the era of the iPhone.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, that apple is working on some ‘really great’ products to becoming out soon. And while the world anxiously awaits the arrival of these great products designers have started coming up with their own version of the most anticipated smartphone of the year. In addition to that it is also being said that the phone will feature the new Healthbook app and that Apple is negotiating with carriers to increase the price of the iPhone 6 by an extra $100.

Hopefully, all our questions will be answered when the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC14) arrive, which is slated for, June 2 – 6 in San Francisco, CA. Alongside the introduction of the iPhone 6, many are hoping to hear the release date of the iOS8 and its newest features, including an introduction of Mac apps to the iPhone as well as the talks that iTunes Radio becoming a stand alone app.

Will the lines be around the corner, only time will tell, but with the buzz going around over the iPhone 6 the wait seems to be well worth it. A new design, promising features, and of course a hefty price tag, most still believe sold out signs are imminent, where others may be hoping the phone will fall flat. No matter what side the crowd will end up on, the iPhone 6 is undoubtedly the phone that will either silicify the iPhone era of innovation or bring down the Apple Empire.

By Virginia Snowden


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