Is Miley Cyrus Burning Out?


Miley Cyrus took to twitter late last night to post she was in “excruciating pain.” Could she be burning out? The pop singer could possibly be referring to the pain she’s feeling due to catching the flu virus. Apparently she’s been having pain in her throat, but could all of the stress of losing her beloved dog, and keeping up with a grueling tour be getting to the 21-year-old?

Cyrus had to cancel Monday night’s show in Charlotte. It is also possible Tuesday’s show in Raleigh may be put off as well, however no official word has been given.

Many fans of the pop icon are disappointed with not getting to see her live performance. Some fans have even said they are angry about the cancellation because they spent money not only on the tickets, but on transportation and in some cases, hotel costs as well. The ticket buyers will receive refunds for their purchase however, there is no rescheduling of the concert, for now.

Cyrus’s Bangerz tour is scheduled to keep rolling until October 2014. Long tours can be grueling and artists need to make sure they are in top physical condition to keep up.

The Wrecking Ball singer may still be grieving over the loss of her dog Floyd. In times of stress, it is common for people to get sick due to a lowered immune system. At times, the loss of a loved one and the grief that comes with it can be so overwhelming, people will get sick leaving them unable to keep up with work. Perhaps Cyrus will need to some serious down time to be able to continue with her performances.

It may be the star is not burning out and could bounce back quickly which is what her fans are hoping for. Cyrus is scheduled to perform next in Washington, DC on Thursday and Auburn Hills, Michigan on Saturday.

This past weekend at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY, the singer played tribute to her beautiful Alaskan dog by dancing all around a giant replica of the animal. Apparently, her dog had been attacked by a coyote in Los Angeles last week while on tour.

Thousands of comments came flooding in on twitter to support Cyrus in her time of need when the she posted “My precious baby Floyd has passed away.” “I am heartbroken,” she wrote. Now with her latest tweets being more about her dog Floyd than her tour, one can see Cyrus is struggling with accepting what happened. Even if she has been reported to have brought home a new dog to comfort her.

So, is her tweet “excruciating pain” about her dog Floyd? Her sore throat? Or both? Fans hope the flu will pass quickly for her in this case because the show must go on! Burning out while working too hard is a common occurrence for overworked or stressed artists and musicians, but it may only the flu in Cyrus’s case. Hopefully she will get back to her old self and as for the fans who lost out on a show and hotel money? Well they can enjoy a nice little vacation in a new city.

By Katie Sevigny

Daily Mail

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