Is Tori Spelling Responsible for Lack of Intimacy?

Tori Spelling

The Spelling and McDermott saga continues with a relatively new admission from the husband that because he and his wife suffered from a lack of intimacy in their marriage, he was driven to have an affair. McDermott claims that his needs are insatiable. Having sex only “once every two weeks” was not enough for his libido.

Despite the 47-year-old and father-of-five’s urges not being fulfilled, he said another reason he acquiesced and fell into the arms of another woman was to “escape” from the trials of his eight-year marriage with Spelling. Although McDermott’s affair with 28-year-old actress Emily Goodhand last December is said to have been short-lived, only a two-day exploit, the dalliance is causing a huge rift in his marriage.

McDermott revealed during this evening’s premiere of True Tori that due to the demands of the household, specifically the children–Liam, 7, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, Finn, 20 months, and another son, Jack, from his first marriage–there were many “ebbs and flows” in their sex life. He said having sex only once every two weeks was not enough for him, and that is why he felt he suffered from a lack of intimacy, which led to his moment of weakness. Although he refers to his needs as “insatiable,” he does admit that sex is a means of escape for him, similar to his abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Emotionally-exhausted Spelling appears heart-broken over the confession, but it is difficult to tell if it is any more devastating than the initial betrayal. The tears do not stop throughout the meeting. She admits to the counselor that she felt she could “never give him enough sex,” apparently aware of the particular tension between them on the issue.

The counselor responded by telling McDermott that his sexual expectations for his marriage were too unrealistic. They were “like a fairy-tale” he was told.

McDermott has been at a rehab facility since the end of December when news of the affair broke wide open. The premiere of Spelling’s “warts-and-all” reality program showcases the couple seeing each other for the first time since McDermott left after news of the affair broke wide open in late December, right before Christmas. Tori says even though it is rough to deal with the kids all on her own, she is not ready to have her husband come home. McDermott seems mystified as to why his wife will not accept physical contact or affection from him, but no matter how much time has passed, the distraught Spelling is not ready. She is still unsure how or if she wants the man who has stepped out of their marriage back in her personal life.

Dean does express remorse for his sexual wandering and claims he had no “real feelings” for his Chopped costar, adding “I wasn’t attracted to her…it was just like a warm body.” He said he never thought he would cheat on his wife, despite his feelings toward their lack of intimacy, and now his worst nightmare is knowing what he has done: “I cheated on my wife. That’s my worst nightmare.”

By Stacy Feder

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