J.K. Rowling ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off Will Be a Trilogy

J.K. RowlingJ.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off will be a trilogy. However, there are questions how this could possibly happen, considering the book that the three movies will be based off is very short. In fact, it is just 54 pages in length.

The movies are technically prequels to the Harry Potter series, and set so far into the past that none of the original characters will be around. There is a chance that Albus Dumbledore will make an appearance, but only because he was said to be so old. All the rest of the favorites, including Harry Potter himself, will not make an appearance or even a mention.

The 54-page book was written during the break between books four and five of the Harry Potter series, and was just a way for Rowling to make a note of all the magical and mythical creatures that she created. It was really a textbook for the series, called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

All the movies will be adapted into a screenplay by the writer herself, and will follow the life of Newt Scamander. He is a “magizoologist,” and is learning all about the different creatures in the fantasy series. He is of no relation to the Potters, but is a wizard and part of that community.

Rowling has announced that the Harry Potter spin-off will be a trilogy, but that the movies should not be considered a prequel or a sequel to the original eight movies. While in the same universe, they are just an extension of the mythical creatures, and nothing to do with the original storyline.

Those who did enjoy the original series will not be entirely lost or disappointed. The magical customs that everyone has come to love and understand will be evident in the new three-movie series.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was originally written to raise money for Comic Relief. It ended up raising millions for the charity, and has been a great guide for fans of the wizarding world. The author probably never expected this short textbook to be turned into a movie, but will have fun creating the storyline for the three movies as her new main character delves into the magical fantasy world and teaches everyone more and more about the many creatures that were only mentioned in passing in the seven books and eight movies, if mentioned at all.

Based on the idea of the textbook, there is no need to bring in any original characters that may be alive at the time. The movies will be set 70 years before the first Harry Potter book, so there really are only a handful of characters that could be mentioned—and they would be very young.

The Casual Vacancy author is currently working on the three scripts, and there is not yet a confirmation date for even the first movie. She and Warner Bros. have been tight-lipped about the new expansion on the franchise. All that is known right now is that Rowling will turn the Harry Potter spin-off into a trilogy.

By Alexandria Ingham



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