James Franco Latest Scandal PR Stunt?

James Franco

Is the latest scandal involving James Franco actually a PR stunt? His recent actions regarding a 17 year old teen he have landed him in the hot seat. To make matters worse, not only did his teenage crush Lucy Clode diss him, she went public with the incident immediately after she told Franco she would not. The actor seemed to be embarrassed after his attempts to get a really cute teenage girl to meet him in a hotel room fell flat. Or so we thought

It all started when Franco met Lucy outside of his Broadway show. Lucy took pictures with Franco and also recorded a video that Franco asked to be tagged in. From there, things apparently get flirtatious.

Franco began asking the seventeen year old questions about her age and boyfriend, and the conversation eventually leads to him trying to get Lucy to come to a hotel room. It seems she was reluctant to even believe that it was the real James Franco at first, because come on, your star crush inviting you to come hang out with him sounds like something right out of a tween movie. And on April Fool’s Day no less. Who wouldn’t have been skeptical of that?

In the messages, she told him things like “you seem dodgy and April Fool’s Day ended an hour ago.” Lucy finally irritates Franco with her unwillingness to come and he tells her that she should text him when she turns 18. In an effort to get the actor to prove he wasn’t an internet troll, Lucy asks James to send her a picture of him holding a piece of paper with her name on it, which he does! It is then that Lucy agrees to meet up with the actor, but it is unclear if that meeting ever took place. After the story broke, Franco took to twitter to tell the world that he hopes they keep their teenage kids away from him.

Is Franco being a poor sport about the entire thing? It appears that from the exchange between the two, Franco knew exactly how old Lucy Clode was. He was also so eager to get her to a hotel room, he was willing to take a picture with a piece of paper he had scribbled the 17 year old girls name across. So why take to twitter with such a statement?

James Franco, 35, has yet to come out with a public statement regarding his scandal which makes is look more like a PR stunt the more you read into the story. Some believe the entire fiasco is a bad publicity stunt pulled by Franco for his up coming movie Palo Alto. In the movie, a soccer coach (James Franco) has an illegal affair with a teenage girl (Emma Roberts). Maybe James Franco isn’t embarrassed by scandal at all

Is Franco that careless? Could the actor really have believed 17 year old Lucy would not share the stars attempt to court her all over social media? Was James Franco so smitten by the beautiful teenager that he had to have no matter has his latest PR stunt been exposed?

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